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Is my baby bored? Helping 4.5 month old!

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Redling Wed 17-Dec-14 21:01:00

I have a fantastic 4 month old DS. He's a cheery boy, usually wakes up cooing and smiling, easy temper, cries when he wants specific things but stops when he gets them. Until the last week or so. He wakes crying, he cries when I lie him down, he smacks my hands away from the bottle and thrashes when feeding, he stares around the living room with anger! He doesn't like to be held by me or cuddled in a lying down position. He seems frustrated. There's nothing physically wrong, he's not ill and he's feeding well when he eventually eats! I'm aware that 4 months is a big period for mental development and I think he's just upset with the world right now. He can't sit unaided, I got him a playnest which props him up enough to play himself. He's able to grasp things for a short while and can push buttons on some toys. He wants to chew everything of course but can't seem to hold them in his mouth. He can roll on the sofa but not on the floor yet. What's the best ways to play with and occupy him? What can give him the independence he seems to want, my SiL has a Jumperoo and a mamas and papas seat that he seems to like. I know that he's probably going to have his cross stage regardless but I want to at least try to make him happier! How do you adjust to having to consider mental reasons for crying as well as physical?! has anyone any experience of personality changes at this age? Its very hard to make him smile at the moment and he was laughing all day!

Mummyk1982 Wed 17-Dec-14 21:11:25

I remember it well! DD is 8.5 months now. I clearly recall feeling like she was pee'd off with me all the time and I really struggled to not feel pee'd off with her too. I seem to recall she was better when we were out and about- so toddler groups (so she could play with different toys and watch other children, and I could compare notes with other mums!), walking through the fields and woods with her in a baby carrier so she could see the trees/dogs/listen to the sounds/feel the wind blowing, visiting grandparents for a change of stimulus, and looking at books- she still adores books and is almost more content with a pile of books than she is with toys!
I think it lasted a few weeks, and I'm fairly sure it happened again a few weeks later- totally coincides with developmental leaps. It'll pass, hang in there!

Littlef00t Wed 17-Dec-14 21:39:00

I'd google wonder weeks, have a feeling now is a big leap. Made me feel better it wasn't because of what I was /wasn't doing but just a natural stage.

Redling Wed 17-Dec-14 22:07:34

He is in the middle of a big leap, he seems to track the WW app pretty closely! I know he's going to be difficult in this but I just want to help him as much as possible! And me, it's hard being around such a grump all day and feel helpless.

I am planning to go to more groups in the New Year, I've been happy at home with him with some visits to the library Rhymetimes (which I used to run!) and baby swimming, baby massage but he was getting overtired if he didn't nap every 90 mins so getting out and about wasn't so easy, now I think it would be best for him if we do more. He is just starting to turn the pages of books. I have also just started using a baby carrier this week as he has started not sleeping in the pram! We are going to my parents house at Christmas and inhipenthe change of scene and meeting new people will help.

HansieLove Wed 17-Dec-14 23:43:49

MummyK has such good ideas for enriching a baby's life. When my first grandson was four months old, his mom stood him up next to an ottoman (it was that IKEA chair with a footstool. Poang?) she sat in the chair so he was between her knees, he wasn't going anywhere, and he looked at pictures in a magazine. He seemed so tiny to be interested. Your baby might like to watch Baby Einstein CDs. I think he would like to look at Christmas trees. He might be able to sit in one of those foam chairs, and he could watch you as you do things, and talk to him. My tiny grandson, at six weeks or so, liked to be in his infant seat and observe the sun, shadows, and movement of trees.

Tunna Thu 18-Dec-14 18:49:02

My DS used to hate being cuddled / left lying down, the world was far too interesting to him for that!

A door bouncer was brilliant for him, he would be able to see what was going on and I could do the dishes, prepare meals etc whilst he played.

I had this one, worth every penny

ch1134 Fri 19-Dec-14 16:35:55

At that age my son spent most of his waking time at home in a baby chair with stuff dangling in front of him while I did housework.

Redling Fri 19-Dec-14 17:09:27

Thanks all, He's much cheerier and laughing at everything today but not as engaged with his usual toys etc. He's been sitting up in his playnest a lot more and we've ordered him a baby bouncer for the door. He's awake a lot more in the day than even two weeks ago so I want to give him more to do. ch1134 sadly the chair, dangly bits and a toy propped on him ain't doing it anymore! He's furious if I leave him like that! I sing and play with him for ages but something that keeps him upright and able to touch and fiddle with things himself is needed! I've had him in the carrier more and before he falls asleep he likes looking around from that, he goes silent, wide eyed and alert which I assume means he's taking it all in!

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