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How to help 2 y.o. cope with car journeys?

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AngelDog Sun 14-Dec-14 21:17:45

My 2 y.o. hates car journeys of more than about 20-30 mins. He's usually okay up to then, but spends the rest of the journey wailing and begging to get out of the car.

Any ideas for helping him manage longer journeys? We don't do many, but we'll have a couple of trips over Christmas and it can be quite stressful.

DH normally sits in the back while I drive so he reads with him, and we usually take a couple of toys. We have a nearly 5 y.o. too though he's usually fine.

wizzler Sun 14-Dec-14 21:54:39

Twin DVD players... said I never would but it buys 90 minutes of peace

olivesnutsandcheese Sun 14-Dec-14 22:03:33

cheap tablet (in our case reconditioned hudl from tesco) with headrest holder and peppa pig on it. We went from 20mins max to happily a 2 hour journey without a peep from 2 yr old DS

shelfontheelf Mon 15-Dec-14 17:20:33

DVD player. Best thing ever for long journeys.

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