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How can I make ds care about things?

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Pyjamaramadrama Sun 14-Dec-14 12:10:30

I'm a bit upset. Ds (6) has drawn on the TV base and the TV cabinet, it's come off the cabinet but not the base.

I've asked him why he did it and he said it's because he was bored.

He's done this before when he's been bored, drawn on things he's not supposed to.

It's not a constant thing but something he's done 3-4 times over the past couple of years. Every time he's done it I've felt that he understood that he must not do it again, but he has.

I've taken his Match Attax off him and told him that he can earn them back with good behaviour, I also sent him to tidy and hoover his room (we were tidying anyway).

I do know that he gets bored, he's an only atm, although baby due in the new year. But he has lots and lots of toys, proper toys not just gadgets, free access to kids TV channels, and I do take him out as much as possible, we went to the cinema yesterday.

I've tried to have a conversation about looking after our things and how they cost lots of money, but he just said he'd give me the money in his money box.

He doesn't seem very bothered atm about his match attax, yet I know that they are his favourite thing. I'm thinking about it and wondering whether he'd actually care what I took off him.

holeinmyheart Sun 14-Dec-14 15:24:52

Six is really too young to understand the importance to you of your things.
He lives for the moment and will find thinking about the consequences of his actions too far away, and too complex to worry about.
Living with children means that you are going to end up with damaged stuff. It is inevitable.
A happy home where there is not too much precious stuff to be spoiled is best.
Relax, don't buy expensive furniture until the children are older.

Of course I am in favour of children having some boundaries but I can't include furniture.

I have friends who will have on their Gravestones ' Her cushions were plumped up nicely' ( and her children were bloody miserable)

You might be nurturing another Einstein in your home as I believe he was easily bored. Keep hold of the TV stand as it might be valuable one day
David Hockney in the making!

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