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Is it a growth spurt?

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Taler Sun 14-Dec-14 08:16:05

DD 13 months just woukdnt settle last night. We were in and out of her room all evening. Thought it might be the snuffles as that seemed to come out more yesterday, or maybe teething. Even after Calpol she wouldn't settle so suggested to DH we try a bottle as nothing else was working. This was around midnight.

She hasn't had a 'late feed' in about 7 months but clearly that was what she wanted as after that she settled fine and we didn't hear anything else from her until 7:30 this morning.

What is the official thing with growth spurts? Does a situation like last night get blamed on 'growth spurts' just because it's convenient to do so or because it's genuinely happening?

She hasn't really been showing any other signs of a growth spurt so just wondered what you all think??

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