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Speech at 2.2

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AngelDog Mon 08-Dec-14 13:04:19

Is this age appropriate talk for 2 yrs & 2 months?

"Mummy reach. I need it."

"DS2 do wee. DS1 not need wee."

"What that for?"

"Why need that?"

"How get past?" (vehicle blocking pavement)

"That pants dry. Wear it. Two pair pants. Over top trousers." (he likes the superhero look. smile )

TimelyNameChangey Mon 08-Dec-14 13:52:34 sounds absolutely fine to me...are you concerned for some reason?

NannyNim Mon 08-Dec-14 15:53:20

Sounds perfectly normal! My LO is 2.2 and some areas of his language are incredible and really quite advanced but he still says sentences much like these e.g "NannyNim fetch it. I want it" or "What that train name?" (Whilst watch Thomas the Tank!)

You'll be surprised at how quickly the grammar element kicks in and his sentences become more fluid and less "clunky"!

DreadfulSpiller Mon 08-Dec-14 20:21:11

Sounds pretty advanced to me tbh. But dd2 (24mo) has 40 ish single words, the vast majority of which are incomprehensible to anyone except me. So we're prob not a great benchmark ...

CorporateRockWhore Mon 08-Dec-14 20:22:47

Sounds about right to me. DS is 2.3 and sounds similar; sentences of 4/5 words.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Mon 08-Dec-14 22:10:43

Sounds fine.

AngelDog Mon 08-Dec-14 22:44:56

Thanks everyone. I was a bit worried about his speech before, but it's leapt forward in the last month. I just wasn't sure whether it put him in normal range now.

He has a few health issues - he is zinc deficient and since increasing the amount of zinc he takes and changing to filtered/bottled water for drinking, cooking & washing his speech has really taken off. Our tapwater, especially the hot water, is high in copper (copper pipes on the boiler) and copper can inhibit zinc absorption. DS1, who has similar issues, lost his verbal dyspraxia diagnosis after improving his zinc levels.

minipie Tue 09-Dec-14 09:53:54

Sorry to hijack but just wondering - how did you find out about him being zinc deficient?

I worry sometimes that DD might be deficient in some minerals/vits (she was prem and for various reasons didn't get supplements to compensate) but not sure if the GP will do tests without reasons.

Agree his speech sounds totally normal btw smile, if anything on the advanced side.

Jasonandyawegunorts Tue 09-Dec-14 14:47:42

lost his verbal dyspraxia diagnosis

You can lose a diagnoses?

rallytog1 Tue 09-Dec-14 18:38:44

I'm curious how you find out a 2yo is deficient in something like zinc?

AngelDog Fri 12-Dec-14 16:18:42

Yep Jasonandyawegunorts, the speech therapist has agreed that DS1 no longer has verbal dyspraxia.

We guessed about the zinc deficiency because both my boys (and I) have intolerances to various food chemicals which are commonly caused by zinc and vitamin B6 deficiency.

You can test for zinc really easily and cheaply at home with a taste test. If it tastes like water, you're really deficient; if it's so disgusting you can't help but spit it out, your levels are good. Our GP has done bloodtests for both the boys, but we had done some private testing first including a blood test for zinc & copper and our GP is quite open to slightly more 'alternative' approaches to health. Most GPs have very little training in nutrition and don't know much about testing for vitamins / minerals. (Our GP reckons I know a lot more about it all than he does - which is probably true.)

If I were going to investigate these issues from scratch, I'd do a hair minerals test which can tell you a lot about what deficiencies you might have - all you need to do is cut off a bit of hair & send off for testing. I'd look on the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook for a list of practitioners who can interpret it. Ours cost about £80 for the test and Skype consultation if I remember rightly - I think many practitioners do discounts if you want more than one person tested.

I'd say it's definitely worth investigating if you have concerns. I would say that most kids I see show some symptoms of nutritional deficiencies of some kind.

DS1 was about 75% of the way to an autism diagnosis by the time he was 3, but with the right vitamin/mineral supplements and a tailored diet, he is pretty much neurotypical now. His problems with poor motor skills, fussy eating, speech problems, poor sleep, tantrums, aggression and poor social skills have pretty much all gone. My zinc deficiency had got so bad that I ended up with protein energy malnutrition (despite my diet being okay) and I got very, very ill. I wish we'd found out about nutritional issues sooner.

AngelDog Fri 12-Dec-14 16:21:23

This is the zinc we use for the taste test. We found it to be useless as a zinc supplement, but good for testing at home.

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