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Nightmares new mum :-(

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Rosie2011 Mon 08-Dec-14 10:25:44

I have a seven month year old baby but recently the last few weeks I've been having awful nightmares at night or any time i have a nap.
Really odd. I got eaten by a giant squirrel the other day, my teeth fell out, my house was robbed and i was trying to hide the baby! Some of them don't sound scary but at the time its horrible. I wake up even more tired and don't feel rested. Has anyone else had this? Is it just 7 months of being sleep deprived?
I hardly have any sleep as he still waking twice in the night and teething like crazy!

Donkeysleighbellsringing Mon 08-Dec-14 10:56:13

It's the cumulative effect of the pregnancy then 7 months of never enough sleep, I'm afraid.

I remember at that stage getting irritated by family members and colleagues who got 8 hours' sleep and lie-ins at weekends yet moaned they were tired.

A good friend with a baby who woke up every 45 minutes confided in me she was fantasising about what she might be admitted to hospital with for a week of sleep and rest and meals provided, preferably something that was non life threatening.

Not knowing your circumstances are you with the baby's father, has his life remained more or less the same as it was back in the pre-baby era? Can he at least do his bit to help pre-midnight? Maybe each have one lie-in Sat or Sun?

You mention nightmares, how do you cope by day? sometimes I used to feel like I was always firefighting and not achieving much. Btw are you on maternity leave, or not going back to work? Sometimes there's extra stress knowing you'll be back at work and worrying how you'll manage.

Any close family with whom you could leave your son overnight?

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