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Baby doesn't like anyone. :-(

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melissa1984 Sun 07-Dec-14 19:04:03

My 11 1/2 month old doesn't like anyone. She hasn't since she was two weeks. I was told she would grow out of it but she hasn't and I am finding it exhausting. She doesn't like going to her dad and her sister she has little patience for. 3 weeks ago I thought we were making a breakthrough but she changed and now she scratches and smacks everyone. She screams at her dad and doesn't like her sister much, she screams at everyone. I can't always be the only one she will go to. Strangers i understand but her own family.

I need advice, other forums they don't reply. I have no friends so I have no outlet. I really need advice because my oldest feels left out and my husband feels unloved and baffled. She takes up all of my time and its affecting our family.

Really had enough. so exhausted

any help would be appreciated.

loudarts Sun 07-Dec-14 19:07:43

Sorry not really much help as mine is exactly the same but didn't want to read and run. I do remember with dd1 she did grow out of this at about 14 months, which was when she started walking.

bakingtins Sun 07-Dec-14 19:15:20

I think you need to leave her with your husband for a few hours and let them muddle through, on a regular basis. Either have some 1–2-1 time with your older DD or a few hours to yourself away from the house. Make sure you are not in the same place so she can't be handed back at the first sign of trouble, and other than suggesting she might be easier to entertain on a trip out (park, city farm etc) let him work out strategies to cope.
All 3 of my children have been like this to a certain extent, I think made worse as I BF, husband guilty of handing them back as soon as they whimper. They have all got better once I went back to work when he just had to man up and get on with it. I get quite frustrated that on baby no 3 he still seems unable to think beyond boob will work ( which lets face it, is true, but so might distraction, cuddles, bouncing, back patting, music.....)
Around a year is separation anxiety territory, but as you say, this is not a stranger, it's someone she should be tightly bonded to.

melissa1984 Sun 07-Dec-14 19:31:43

Normally we got to the point where she was OK if i wasn't here. If i went out of the room she would settle but now she just screams. My other daughter is starting to behave naughty to get attention so it can be stressful and tempers short. We are trying to get through it but it is getting me down. She has had a cold for a coupe of days and she wanted just me, which i understand but when i am literally falling asleep it becomes unsafe for her. but I felt bad because when my husband took her to give me rest she just screamed for hours. either way i am the bad guy. husband isn't feeling loved, my daughter feeling left out and the baby being like this.

we are all tired.

she has always been needy and she constantly moans all the time, even when we go out in her pram! she hates having coats on, hats and gloves so that's her angry before we start.

Iggly Sun 07-Dec-14 19:44:11

she has always been needy and she constantly moans all the time

My dd was like this - she was actually in pain/discomfort with reflux and tongue tie so not a happy bunny. Once that got better - she was a happier girl.

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