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Anxiety, Panic, Fear

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sunnyshines23 Thu 04-Dec-14 19:07:59


I'm not a mum, I'm a nanny, but I'm taking care of a 6 year old boy and I am getting very concerned about him. He is very polite and sunny most of the times, but he has severe panic attacks and has difficulties at school.
For instance, when he does something bad and I start explaining to him what he has done, why is it wrong and what he was supposed to do, he tends to scream loudly (first in outrage and then in panic/fear). This can continue until his face goes blue. He is very afraid to an extent, that he goes hiding below the table even if you're not talking to him. Same fear and crying tend to happen whenever he sees a tiny dog or even a fly. There are many other cases and such things happen almost daily. It got better since I started working with him, but he still behaves literally like a baby.
In addition, he has difficulties remembering simple things such as what day it is, what he is supposed to be doing or how to pronounce letters.
The thing is, the parents explain it with "this is how he is", but I am worried, because it doesn't seem that normal to me. I have asked the boy whether something has happened before, but he doesn't seem to recall anything.
He also tends to be very violent and likes to manipulate.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Do you happen to know what might trigger such behaviour? Is there anything what I might to to help him?

mummyof1nj87 Fri 05-Dec-14 14:55:16

At the age the child is its so very hard to tell, if he lacks severely in concentration and focus the school he attends will more than likely refer him to senco. As a nanny you really are in an awkward position as you have strong concerns for the child but don't want to offend the parents. Because of how you describe the behaviour there are patterns that would tie into autism, however that being said the panic and fear may just be the child's personality or have stemmed from an experience the child once had.
I used to childmind for one autistic child and a child that suffered with William syndrome. You will find the longer you work with the child you will find a method to help with their memory - id always recommend songs as its a fun and effective way for a child to remember things and children of that age tend to respond very well to anything musical. Hope I have helped in some way or another.

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