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8 month old often still and 'dull'.

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Purplelooby Wed 03-Dec-14 14:58:07

Sorry if this sounds daft but it's worrying me. I haven't even got the excuse of being a first time mum! It's my 8 month old girl who just seem like other babies sad

Physically, she has never moved much, even in the womb. She is very strong and sat early, can stand with one hand on furniture, nearly crawl (I've been saying that for ages though!), but she has never wiggled a lot. She didn't lie and kick as a newborn and now she only moves for a purpose, e.g. to get a toy, reach to be held. I know this sounds like nothing but it's very obvious when you see her (and enough that she's a massive chunk despite drinking hardly any milk).

And on the psychological side it's the same... unless I actively engage her, she seems to go dull and withdrawn. Again her development has been fine, she smiles, laughs, babbles, grabs, dances, has said some words, so she must be fine right? Yet she is often seen frowning and staring into space. While sat still. Don't get me wrong, if I say her name and play she will play back, but if I'm out with her in the sling or buggy, or if I take her to a baby group, or talk to her brother (who is 2, so demands most of my time!), she goes back into dull mode. It's especially obvious at baby groups where the other babies are all bright eyed and excited while she sits on my knee frowning at them.

I've just read back over this and it sounds almost comical, I don't even know what my question is, but please tell me you had a baby like this and that they are perfectly bright and normal...

Purplelooby Wed 03-Dec-14 14:59:08

'doesn't seem like other babies' (second line down).

Longtalljosie Wed 03-Dec-14 18:34:33

See your health visitor. I'm sure she's fine. She may (like my DD1) be hypermobile or have other gross motor skills issues. But don't fret, it's workable-on, and the sooner the better. Her core strength will be helped by lots of tummy time. Even when she's older, I was advised to get her to watch TV etc on her tummy.

Stripylikeatiger Wed 03-Dec-14 20:11:04

I had the opposite worry with ds, he was constantly on the go and into everything, I was really concerned that he had ADHD when he was around 8 months old but he's now 2 and the behavior and energy levels of the children we know seem to have evened out a lot, the ones who were quite laid back and inactive are running about and the ones who were little hooligans as babies are just normal 2 year olds now.

Purplelooby Sun 07-Dec-14 00:30:06

Yeah, my now 2 year old was much more on the never-stopping end of the scale so I suppose that's why I notice so much with her. I don't think she hypermobile because she's standing against furniture totally flat-footed with only one hand. My hypermobile niece always had turned-over ankles. It's more that she just wants to watch with a drilling stare rather than 'do'...

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