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3yr old sucking clothes until dripping wet.

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airhostess Tue 02-Dec-14 01:32:28


We've just had a new baby, well 6 wks ago and since then my Son chews and sucks on his sleeve or collar until it's soaking wet and a change of clothes is required. I've tried igniting IT, however buttons are breaking in half and I'm worried te will choke. Any advice on how yo break this habit please.

spaghettisue Tue 02-Dec-14 09:43:03

My son (10) has sucked on his collars since he was about 6, but with him it is a sensory need. You can buy T shaped tubes specially for kids who do chew, called 'chewy tubes'. Alternatively, I have found that my ds is a lot less likely to chew on anything woollen so you could put him in jumpers?

This might well be a result of the changes in the household of course, and something he may well outgrow.

Good luck.

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