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12 Month Old - no longer wanting food!

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TheJourney22 Sat 29-Nov-14 11:53:55

Literally gone from 3 meals a day to ZERO!

Won't touch a thing, the occasional yoghurt & fruit purée.

Have tried everything .... Pouches, Homecooked Stuff, Shit Stuff, finger foods.

This has been 5 weeks now, taking him to be weighed next week & if he's lost weight then HV will take it further.

But DS will firmly shut his mouth at everything, even if I just leave him to it or try & force feed him like a goose getting ready to be fois grois!

Anyone else any experiences of his .... It's driving me effing nuts!!!!! confusedconfused

I've been told NOT to up his milk as this created a bad habit.

HELP or ride it out ?!?!

CalicoBlue Sat 29-Nov-14 15:03:42

If he is getting lots to drink and sleeping well, still has lots of energy then he is probably fine.

My ds, who is now 17 and taller than me, was like this sometimes. Even now he can go all day with out thinking about eating. I have to remind him that he is grumpy because he has not eaten.

One trick that worked for me: when he was playing I would put some finger food near him without saying a word, then I would busy myself with something else. I would find that he would then pick at something. There were weeks when we would have nothing but milk and yoghurt. Though I did let him have as much milk as he wanted.

The more of a battle it became the stubborner he became.

Try not to let food become a stressful battle, it will only make it worse.

TheJourney22 Sat 29-Nov-14 21:27:24

Great advice! Thank you

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