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PROUD - thread number 127!

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Chinchilla Thu 15-Apr-04 21:38:22

My ds had a wee on a toilet today!!! He told my mum that he wanted one, so I sat him on the loo and he managed a little one. I'm so proud of him. We all gave him loads of praise and he looked really chuffed. Funny thing is that I nearly bought him some pants yesterday as I have been thinking about trying to potty train him soon. Dh treid him on it again tonight, before his bath, but no luck. Still, it is a major step forward.

Furball Thu 15-Apr-04 21:51:56

wow, well done! Won't be long now then. I'm starting cold turkey with my ds (2.8) on Monday, we've been half heartedly having sitting on potty sessions, but I've decided to bite the bullet and try him. How do you fancy a 'potty training buddy?' There's probably a few others as well.

How are things with you atm Chinchilla?

Chinchilla Thu 15-Apr-04 21:57:28

Potty training buddy sounds good. I have to read my Huggies guide to potty training tonight. I will get him some pants tomorrow and might let him run around inside with just those on, so he manages to relate the feeling of needing a wee and getting wet. Disposable nappies are fab, but do stop children realising that they have had a wee.

I'm not too bad thanks Furball. Depression is going, and I am trying to come off my pills. Thereby hangs a tale of bad stomachs and massive headaches! However, this is short-term, and it WILL be good to have my body chemical free! How are you diddling?

Furball Thu 15-Apr-04 22:13:33

Me - I'm fine, just podding along thanks. - Is that classed as fine? sounds abit bland really when it's written down. No really I'm OK thanks.

Right your Ds is having a slight head start on mine then, so you can let me know what joys I have to look forward to.

Demented Fri 16-Apr-04 14:49:46

Well done to your DS Chinchilla!

I'm very proud of my DS1 today. A few months back he wanted to draw a picture for the Toybox magazine letter/drawing page (the lure of the prize toy). We had an acknowledgement and just assumed he didn't win, although I was disappointed as it is the best picture he has ever drawn. This morning the doorbell rang and it was the postman with a parcel for DS1, with the toy and a letter explaining his picture had been picked for the magazine.

Went out and bought two copies, I'm soooo proud of him!!!

Chinchilla Mon 19-Apr-04 19:54:24

Yey! Well done little Demented (should that be 'slightly insane'? )

Well, the potty training is on hold for a couple of weeks, although I will still take him to the toilet when I can. We had two accidents in the space of 10 minutes, so it is obvious to me that he doesn't know when he is going to wee/poo, or rather not long enough beforehand. Oh well, no problem!

Furball Mon 19-Apr-04 20:31:49

Oh well Chinchilla, try again in a few weeks. We've had success today, all wees in potty, except a few little leaks in pants but only because couldn't get to the potty quick enough and when he did finished it on potty and a poop in pants, which I understand to be quite usual from reading other posts. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as stressless.

Chinchilla Mon 19-Apr-04 21:13:10

That's good Furball. Does he actually tell you that he needs a wee, or do you just keep putting him on the potty? I thought that ds knew when he needed a wee, but was proved wrong today!

Furball Tue 20-Apr-04 07:59:24

Only after he's dribbled abit and then shouts for me to help him make a mad dash. If I ask him to come and do one, he refuses point blank (Mr know-it-all!) I think it takes a few days of puddles for most, whether they know they need a wee or not. It might be worth just going for it.

This morning he decided that he'd had enough (same happened about a month ago) and wanted his nappies back on. Dh and I explained that that wasn't an option and he seemed OK with that. He's just done a poop in his pants and a dribble on the floor, before the mad dash and when I whipped his pants down the poop rolled everywhere, what marvelous fun!

Chinchilla Thu 22-Apr-04 22:42:28

PMSL Furball - sorry! Been there, in a slightly different way. It's not the most pleasant task I have performed! I am going to try again tomorrow pm, if the weather is good. If t is warm, he can run around in the garden, and it won't matter if he akes a puddle, or the 'other'.

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