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Nearly 4yo - "accidents"; at home but never out/at preschool

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MiaSparrow Tue 25-Nov-14 17:43:06

DP and I are tearing our hair out so any advice gratefully received! She's been dry since 2.5 with very little problems - the odd accident here and there and the odd bed wetting episode as I'm sure is perfectly normal. She was brilliant at it for about a year.

But at home these days she'll just be too distracted with what she's doing to go to the loo and we inevitably get a puddle on the floor - lately on a daily basis. It's like having a new puppy!

She started preschool in September - five afternoons a week - and hasn't had a single accident there, which says it all! It's as if she just can't be bothered - these are not genuine accidents, IYSWIM. Anyone else's DC do the same? What did you do? Thanks!

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