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3 year old obsessed with food and eating

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Nutgirl Sun 23-Nov-14 19:57:51

Hi all, I'm just after some reassurance that DS is normal and other people have same issues? DS is 3 and 2 months and is completely preoccupied with food. He has always loved food and eating - as a baby I wasn't able to BF and he had to have the hungry milk and always polished off a bottle in minutes. When we started weaning him it was like he had been waiting all his life for that first taste of pureed carrot! So this is nothing new. But he is always hungry and seems to think about food every minute of the day. The first thing he mentions in the morning is breakfast and as soon as that's over he is asking for a snack or when it will be lunchtime. He never seems to register that he is full and would eat and eat and eat if we let him.

At parties (of which there have been a lot lately) all he is interested in is the party food and he will stuff his face and just keep going and going without careful supervision. When all the other children have finished and moved on he is still there wanting to carry on eating. This makes me feel a bit sad - I just wish his focus was on other things.

He is a healthy child and eats a good diet because we are careful about what we give him. He has chocolate etc only as a treat and only has home cooked food. We are lucky in that he will eat pretty much anything and luckily he is just as happy with an apple as a bag of crisps (again he only gets things like crisps as a treat at a picnic or something).

He is active and boisterous and does have a lot of energy to burn, so at the moment I'm not too worried because he isn't sedentary. I hope that growing up he will remain active and sporty (both me and his dad were as kids and we are both a healthy weight and have no food issues). I guess I'm just worried for when he gets older and we aren't around to control what or how much he eats. Do you think he is destined for a life of obesity?

I weighed him tonight and at 17.1kg he is just under the 91st centile (although I don't know we where he is for height - he is quite tall for his age). He isn't fat but is quite solid / chunky.

I still have a gate on the kitchen because the moment he goes in there he tries to help himself to the contents of the fruit bowl or the fridge. When me or DH are in the kitchen cooking he just stands at the gate asking if it's ready yet. I am the only one of my friends with kids the same age who has to have a gate on the kitchen.

Anyone else have similar problems?

eversomuch Sun 23-Nov-14 23:33:08

My 2 dc, 3.8y & 2y, are also food fanatics. they eat an astonishing amount each day & would easily graze all day if we let them. Like your dc, they eat really healthily & only get sweets, etc as special treats.

The constant eating can drive me a bit mad. I try to set times for snacks & emphasize that they need to eat a full meal at meal times, not just half & then tell me half an hour later that they're hungry again.

I try to distract them from food when I know they've just had a lot.

I sometimes worry that they'll start eating for comfort, but mostly I think they're just active,growing kids who need fuel.

in any case, you're not alone.

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