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Please help with 6 month old

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Anon19 Thu 20-Nov-14 13:52:03

Help me please!

I am at the end of my tether, and have been for a while :-( my son is 6 months old and is wearing me out!! All he does is cry, cry, cry! All day long and has done since the day he was born. Please understand, he won't play with his toys, he won't sit in his bouncer (4 minutes max A DAY!!), he hattttes his jumperoo he hates his playmatt, he hates sitting on my knee he just fusses and squirms and wriggles. It takes 25 minutes to get him down for a 30 minute MAX IF IM LUCKY nap, 3 times a day!! He is happy and smiley and lovely only when I'm sitting right in his face giving him every bit of my attention all day long, I can't eat, i can't wash, I can't even get a drink he crys alllllll the way through me making even his dinner I had to put the microwave in the living room so I can heat food right infront of him :-( extreme ino but his cry is outrageous! me and his dad spend all day everyday right in his face, entertaining him in fear hell have a melt down (which he does if we dare not play with him) my partner hasn't been able to go back to work for 3 months as he's a seasonal worker coz I can't cope on my own! he has been like this since day 1, I didn't believe you could spoil a baby, but now I do he is absolutely exhausting. I followed dr sears 'attachment parenting' and will never let him cry it out, there's nothing medically wrong with him he is just so used to attention 24/7 and us rushing to his crys and I am so worn down. Oh and I HAVE NOT GOT PND (why do people jump to that conclusion when you have a difficult baby?!) I want the best for him, I want him to be happy of course, I don't want to let him cry alone and not comfort him but I also don't want to be living like this it's wearing me out and getting me really really down. He does sleep through the night, he won't go back to sleep after his short naps no matter what I try WHAT DO I DO?! Help!! confused

Chickz Thu 20-Nov-14 15:56:25

It sounds really tough for you OP. I have one of those too. It's so exhausting and draining and I've cried so much over the past year.
My DD is 14 months and is also a cryer and whinger. Lots of similarities to your LO.
It's just their personality and they are high needs low tolerance babies. I won't ask if you have checked his ears, if he has allergies as I'm sure you've been to Drs and seen hv lots like I did!
My LO is slowly slowly starting to improve. What helped for me was going back to work. I've never loves my job so much! Is there an option for you to go part time or maybe put him in nursery for a couple of mornings to give you a break.
My LO is soooo much better behaved at nursery than at home!

Anon19 Thu 20-Nov-14 20:23:23

Hi chickz thanks for your reply :-) t is so so tough, I definitely believe it is his personality and the fact he's been showered with constant attention since the moment he was born, he doesn't know any different I suppose? Knowing this doesn't make it any easier I really wish it did and it should but I am just drained of everything. And yes doctors, hv's and even A&E on his really bad days shock it's lovely to hear your lo's improved, cos I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel but I realise it won't last forever but it is HARD WORK! I willl be returning to work in February part time and I am looking forward to it which is sad to say !!

Chickz Thu 20-Nov-14 21:03:48

Hang on in there Anon. Things are still tough for us but I'm sure it won't be like this forever.
It is really hard work. Someone suggested calling your local HOmestart centre but there isn't one where I live. Maybe worth a try, you may be able to get some help.
You are an amazing mum giving your LO time and attention. I've done the same. But I honestly believe its nothing you've done with babies like these, it's just how they are.
It's hard when other mums are out and about with their easier babies, I've had sooo many incidences where my LO has cried and whinged in public but one day things will be really good for us and we will be able to enjoy our LOs more!
Good luck.

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