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Help me implement a reward chart please

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NamesNick Wed 19-Nov-14 10:06:22

I'm looking to implement a reward chart.
We have 4 dc (my dd and dps 3ds)
dd lives with us FT, however dss live with us one week on one week off.
I actually think the one week on one week off is having an effect on behaviour because there may be 2 different sets of rules to adhere to week by week, and it's easy to get confused.

dc are 3,4,5 and 7

So, I would like something simple - say, 5 things which are house rules...

1) using please and thank you when asking for things
2) tidying up after themselves
3) dirty clothes in wash basket
4) general good behaviour - no fighting, no whinging, respecting other peoples belongings
5) ..??

Can you tell me what kind of things you have on reward charts please, and how I can simplify this process so that each dc understand?

I am thinking of having a treat box, and the person with most - stars/smiley faces in the week gets to choose something from the treat box

I don't want it to be too complicated, but something visual that they all can see

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