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how do I entertain a 6 week old?!

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Aurestel79 Mon 17-Nov-14 13:50:14

First mum here...
my daughter is now 6wo and we are together most of the time, coz husband works long shifts... always me and her. I get extremely bored and frustrated coz she requires constant attention. ... suggestions?
Thank you

IUsedToBeAFlump Mon 17-Nov-14 13:53:13

Yes, babies do need pretty constant attention. Mine never made me "bored or frustrated" though. I loved every moment. It doesn't last for long. Perhaps get a sling so you can get stuff done and keep your daughter with you.

Notbythehaironmychinnychinchin Mon 17-Nov-14 13:55:12

Just cuddles, songs, pulling faces, use an activity gym thing so you baby can lie on her back and reach up for things.

They don't need a lot of entertaining at 6 week, just love and keeping safe.

Kitty2011 Mon 17-Nov-14 14:15:18

I agree that 6 week old babies don't need much stimulation or entertainment as such but that doesn't mean that you don't!! It can be mind numbingly boring at home with your first baby - especially if you're used to having a busy life beforehand where you were totally in control of what you did & when.
I used to try to get out & about as much as possible with baby in sling if they were very demanding of attention. If you don't fancy going out, just sitting on sofa watching TV or films that you like & find interesting and just holding baby whilst feeding or with dummy works well too. Don't feel guilty doing the things you enjoy - young babies are just happy to be near you & don't need as much special entertainment as you might think. Having said that, by 6 weeks babies will start to become interested in activity mats etc but possibly only for a few minutes at a time.
I'd say that it's pretty normal to feel how you do if you have a new baby and are on your own a lot during the day - so you need to either get out & about and meet people to relieve the boredom or maybe get friends round to keep you company or a babysitter/friend to give you a break so you can do some stuff on your own that you enjoy. You'll then come back feeling a bit more refreshed and better able to cope with any frustration.

bshorty Mon 17-Nov-14 15:15:43

When my ds was that we would sometimes walk round the house feeling different textures. Eg fluffy towels, old fur coat, wooly jumpers, silky scarf putting him in his nappy and wrapping him up. He liked to chew the fur coat. If i got really bored we would have a bath together. You could put different types of music on and have a dance. It is a struggle we would be waiting at the window for daddy to come home at 530 and he doesnt get back til 6

PuppyMummy Mon 17-Nov-14 17:47:25

have you got a playmat/baby gym. mine liked to lay on it and look at the mirror and toys and the musical lighty bit.

do you go out? we did lots of walks, outdoor and shopping centre wanders.

Andcake Mon 17-Nov-14 20:44:38

Cuddles and singing - but whether in sling or buggy get out and about as much as you can. Ds used to love just looking around or being cooed at smile
I enjoyed seeing nct friends, going to baby cinema etc I did post natal yoga and baby massage courses at local sure start which were cheap but got me out and about and ds loved them too!

Redling Tue 18-Nov-14 05:25:58

At 6 weeks you can still be in the cuddle on the sofa and staring adoringly while watching films phase without having to be too worried about entertainment. Are you bored and frustrated with this or with trying to think of things to do? I sang to DS when he was in his swing chair and showed him toys and read some little stories. I mainly just 'narrate' what I'm doing and talk to him about everything and did so then. We go to the library Rhymetime and baby massage. He starting loving his baby gym then. Bouncing on my knee and singing again and round and round the garden. A bit of tummy time. Google 'games for 6 weeks olds'. But you don't need to 'entertain them' with games. If your bored and frustrated being alone with your child then just go out more and do what you would normally like shopping or see friends because just observing the world will be entertainment enough for the baby. Only now at 3 months do I properly 'play games' with DS and give him toys to touch and feel and roll him around and teach him to blow bubbles etc. I hope you get more out of you baby when the smiles giggles and coos start as that does help! I can be a bit sick of sitting on the mat waving a blue elephant above his face saying 'touch the elephant'! But then he'll burst out laughing or make a hilarious 'ooooooohhhhhhhh' sound that makes him sound like Kenneth Willliams in a Carry On film and I'm enchanted smile

magpiegin Tue 18-Nov-14 05:36:10

We went to lots of baby groups and when at home watched lots of box sets. Met up with nct friends for coffee a lot too.

BikeRunSki Tue 18-Nov-14 05:45:09

This is why mum and baby groups were invented!

merryNath88 Tue 18-Nov-14 15:59:00

I would add Ccross-crawling activities (baby lying on their back and bring up one leg and opposite arm and touch together, swap arms/legs and repeat), watching the world through the window, and using black/white pictures for infants.

If your baby is prone to overstimulation, keep things more low-key when bedtime is approaching.

OwlCapone Tue 18-Nov-14 16:02:37

I agree - baby gym and a sling so they just come round with you and see stuff. They don't need any actual entertaining at that age.

PeterParkerSays Tue 18-Nov-14 16:12:25

Now most towns have the Christmas lights on so you could also go out mid-afternoon with the pram and taker her to your local shopping centre for when it starts to get dark to see the twinkly lights.

Aurestel79 Tue 18-Nov-14 21:42:47

Wow thanks so much for all of your suggestions!
Unfortunately where I live there isn't much going on when it comes to mums clubs but I'll check the library just in case!
My daughter is the most curious wee thing I have ever seen and gets bored quickly. .. and the ue' ue' ue' starts! I guess I should worry less about tidying up and enjoy more the time I have with my wee lassie, till it lasts...

HRMumness Tue 18-Nov-14 21:52:09

I took DD out and about with me everywhere and also spent lots of time with her in the bouncer or sling talking to her while I got on with things. Honestly, I just wish I'd spent more time on the couch cuddling her. My DD is 2 now and I'm overdue with my second, doubt I'll have the luxury this time around now I have a toddler to worry about!

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