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4yo early hour wetting....

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littleraysofsunshine Mon 17-Nov-14 07:25:48

She was dry in the day at 2onths, and dry at night at 2.5... Then we went abroad, came back and she's been more wet than dry since. She turned 4 last month.

At first I thought ok she's still small, then I thought it was many a UTI, now I've dissed it... Laziness.. Or so it seems. She doesn't actually wee in her pull up until she wakes up at 7am. Every morning it's hot.

We're never telling her off, we just try to empathise but also explain that as soon as she wakes, she must do a wee and not play with toys or just lay there.

Thing is, she is questioning why little sister doesn't have to wear a pull up. (Been dry both day and night since 2) she's now 2.6m...

Shall I just try no pull ups again, back to bed Mat? I guess I'll see if she still does it, or face having wet quilts? hmm

And the thing that concerned is was her skin gets sore from it too.

odyssey2001 Mon 17-Nov-14 07:35:48

I would stick with pull ups for the time being for her comfort. We had to do this for our son, although he is an only child so has no point of comparison. It will come again in time.

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