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How do you entertain an active 18 month old

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PickledInAJar Sun 16-Nov-14 23:29:59

Especially when you are indoors, either in a public building like a pub or restaurant/cafe, or in someone else's house.

Oh and did I mention the DC is very very 'busy', favourite activities at home are clambering up and jumping all over people and furniture, throwing a ball, posting anything in random bins or toilets. shock

Over this winter period I either need to try to persuade everyone I know to come to my house (boring!), get soaked out in the local park, or expect everyone to put up with me being frazzled as I try to stop my DC trashing the joint and can't really have a proper conversation.

Everyone else's children this age seemed happy to sit quietly and play with exciting new toys, and read a few books, but mine just clambers over toys to reach something forbidden. Usually breakable. Unless I am just picking the wrong toys?- sob!

Any inspiration out there?

PickledInAJar Sun 16-Nov-14 23:31:36

Oh I should say I usually try to have snacks as part of my ammo, but if he's not in the mood then they get flung as far as possible. In other words, more mess!

Azquilith Sun 16-Nov-14 23:34:00

Nope, if you find the answer let me know.
I find it easier to have people round to ours as I know it's toddler proof. And we've been to our local cafe so many times that the staff will take him off our hands for a bit and spoil him!

PickledInAJar Sun 16-Nov-14 23:45:30

To be honest it can be even worse at home because at least being out elsewhere has a novelty value. The problem with being somewhere other than home is the risk of spoiling everyone else's time by way of noise or risk of damage - if I can't find a way to amuse DC somehow!

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