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Nail biting

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Jaffakake Sun 16-Nov-14 18:10:24

Is this genetic?

My 3 year old has started biting his nails. I used to cut them once a week or whenever I noticed they were getting long, but now I never have to cos he's started biting them. It's nothing he's seen us do, but I've noticed his best friend does it.

I used to bite mine, right through till my a-levels before I just magically stopped. My brother bit his too. My mum tried that stuff you paint on but it made no difference to us!

Should I worry about it, comment that he shouldn't or just let him grow out it too?

jwpetal Sun 16-Nov-14 18:41:28

I was not a nail biter but my sister was so when my 2 year old started biting her nails I turned to my sister. She suggested that I carry a nail file and every time I saw her biting her nails take a look and file it for her. And so I did, even when I did not see or feel anything. I had one in my bag, in the car and in every room of the house. Soon she started to come to me when something was bothering her and now at 5, she no longer bites her finger nails (but I did catch her biting her toe nails so I have pulled the files out again). I don't know if that helps, but it did us.

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