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Friends 2yr old constantly hits, scratches & snatches from my son - any advice how to deal with it?

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ejm33 Thu 13-Nov-14 12:27:15

Hi, a very good friends 2 yr old son constantly snatches any toys my son is playing with, scratches, pulls his hair, and today hit him on the head with a hard plastic toy which resulted in tears.
My friend tells him off (but not firmly) but never removes him from the situation or makes him give the toy back she just tells him to share and to give my son another toy (one that he didn't choose!) ! I can see my little one is now reserved and nervous around the boy.
Any advice how to deal with it? When he snatches I've just started taking it back calmly and giving friends LO another instead, as at 2, I don't want my LO to start thinking it's right. Or I've removed him from the situation without it being very obvious to my friend.
She's a very good friend, I know she's embarrassed but that doesn't help, strict with her much older children so shocked how the situation is being dealt with! What to do??!!!

catkind Thu 13-Nov-14 18:06:19

Sounds like you're dealing sensibly. You can defend your child's territory. I'd be really in their faces for a bit, sit down on the floor with them when they're playing so you can head off any aggression before your son is affected. And if that didn't work maybe give the playdates a miss for a bit.

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