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15m getting fussy with food - will nursery help?

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Quinandthem Thu 13-Nov-14 12:19:32

My dd is 15months and used to be a good eater but is now getting more fussy.

We used a mixture of purée and blw.

We cooked all our own meals including Thai curry, pasta, Indian curry etc stuffed with loads of veg. these were things we eat all the time but like us we definitely got her into a rut.

Maybe we didn't progress to full size food quick enough but these type of food don't have too big pieces. She now eats mainly with fork/spoon with us helping.

She has cereals, sandwiches and lots of fruit, cheese, ham, yogurt etc.

She's been at a cm since 9m but they wouldn't provide her food - discuss - so we were sending her food with her.

We've just got back from a week abroad and she wouldn't eat anything that wasn't finger food - sandwich, cheese, ham and fruit. She wouldnt even touch the pre-made toddler food we took (Ella's kitchen or something) or the fish fingers etc they had on the children buffet (she's not had these at home).

We have now moved her to a very good nursery and I'm hoping they will be able to stimulate her more (another issue) and encourage her to eat more types of food. (By keep offering it up and watching the other children eating).

Sorry for the length. Also appears in weaning but not that much traffic there.

Any helpful advise or words of wisdom. Thanks.

PalaverParty Thu 13-Nov-14 13:22:44

Yes! My eldest is at nursery as is a very very fussy eater. i mean only eats a handful of foods. When he started nursery I thought he would just starve and not eat anything which he did for a couple of weeks and then gradually he started trying food which he would never touch at home so that was an achievement in itself. Then gradually, he began to eat maybe half of the stuff he would never usually touch and now sometimes he even ends up eating all of it.
i also noticed at home, he would try new things too which is really helping. of course, he is still a fussy eater but nursery has really helped with that.

Kids end up looking at other kids and want to do the same so try the food. it really helps.

Good luck!

Quinandthem Thu 13-Nov-14 14:30:04

Thanks for the encouragement.

Glad it worked for your son

gretagrape Fri 14-Nov-14 11:56:13

Could she be teething? My son had eaten like a horse since day one then at 16 months refused anything except crackers and banana for about three weeks...then his canines broke through and he ate as normal again (and teething hadn't affected his appetite before).

Quinandthem Fri 14-Nov-14 19:22:45

Definitely teething. One of her molars is just poking through.

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