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Skinny, fussy DD aged 6.

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ClawHandsIfYouBelieveInFreaks Mon 10-Nov-14 12:01:05

We have had no bother with food with our eldest DD who is ten. But younger DD is completely different. She's tall and skinny naturally and seems to have a small appetite and is also a bit fussy.

Not massively so but won't eat broccoli for example or red meat...I tailor her meals a bit and serve veg she will eat such as carrots, green beans, cucumbers and potatoes...she will eat most fruit and some chicken or pork....cereals etc all fine.

but she seems to eat tiny amounts...then gets starving hungry at bedtime. Last night she was moaning she was hungry as the lights were going I thought it was a way of her trying to delay bedtime and said food now.

Dh felt she was probably really hungry so relented and brought her a glass of milk and some carrots with peanut butter.

In the morning she was saying her stomach hurt...she was that hungry she had cramps as she demolished cereal and a brioche as soon as her eyes were open...usually she only eats a banana and that just before she leaves for school.

Anyway DH was then saying he was worried she was too thin and that we need to make her eat more...but how can I make her eat? If she doesn't eat her evening meal then what do I do? I can't force her.

how do you know when they've eaten enough? When is too late for more food before bed? My other Dd is very good at self regulating and can of course make her own toast etc if she gets hungry as she's ten. I'm relaxed about food and the DC but suddenly feel anxious that small DD is not getting enough to eat.

Goldmandra Mon 10-Nov-14 14:53:25

You can't make her eat more and trying to do so would be a dreadful mistake.

You can't tell when she has eaten enough. She needs to learn to listen to her own appetite. She is old enough to work out that stomach cramps and feeling very hungry are unpleasant results of not eating enough at the previous meal. Just remind her of this if she complains.

It is never too late for food before bed if what you are offering her is part of the balanced diet you should be making available. If a routine small snack just before bed suits her there is no reason why she shouldn't have it.

If you're concerned about her weight, get her checked by the GP. This will probably reassure you that she is well within the normal range.

You need to make sure your DH doesn't start trying to control her food intake because that way lies misery for the whole family.

Foxbiscuitselection Mon 10-Nov-14 14:56:32

When you say skinny, what weight and height is she. I have very skinny kids but they are totally healthy and we don't fuss or force them to eat.

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