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Speech therapist not a good fit

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FridayJones Sat 08-Nov-14 21:17:25

Thinking about changing our speech therapist.
We've only had her for 3 sessions since the assessment where she dx my dd(4) as being on the 2nd percentile for receptive speech.
I had pointed out during the test that my dd was "not engaged" for a portion of the test and was just giving the same answer every time to elicit a reaction. She ignored this.

She is now trying to teach my dd stuff she already knows well, and during the 3rd session she worked on the assumption my dd didn't understand gender pronouns where in fact she just doesn't agree that all girls have to have long hair and wear pink clothes. We don't in our house. My hair is above my ears.

I explained this to speechie. She then tried to "teach" my dd that all girls wear pink and have long hair and that boys don't because "that's how this game works".
She said "surely she's noticed that other girls in her class wear pink" I had to point out that (for dd) having autism means she does NOT observe her peers and that in any case, I specifically teach her that she can wear any colour she likes and that boys can too so please don't continue with this game. She did.

My dd's issues are with pragmatic speech and social skills and this woman is wasting my time and money teaching her basic speech, and confusing her with irrelevant gender assumptions. Also she is is using hand signs for directional words and I'm having to "untrain" my dd when she gets home.

Half the time dd hasn't a clue what the woman is expecting from her, cos she's waving her arms around saying "the doll is....." and then pausing while doing her handsigns, waiting for the words "beside the box" where if she just said "full sentence please", like I've told her to, my dd would respond correctly. Because, guess what, she already knows the sodding words, it's the sign that's confusing her.

A new joint speechie and OT just started up at my dd's childcare and ive talked to them and they sound great.

I know this "misfit" is as much about me and my opinions, as about my dd, so before I give her the flick, does anyone have any input, should I give her another chance, or is 3 sessions + the bungled assessment enough to move on?

GingerDoodle Sat 08-Nov-14 22:19:54

Your child and money - if it were me is move on!

Jellyandjam Sun 09-Nov-14 17:06:25

Hi. I say definitely change if you are not happy. You as the parent will know when something isn't right. During my DS speech sessions he had one block with a locum therapist who was just awful!
She would roll her eyes when he pronounced words incorrectly (he had an articulation disorder), shout words back at him, she gave a a list of words (without pictures) to read - he was just turned 5 at this point and only starting to learn to read. I could go on but you get the idea. He became completely disengaged and it really harmed his self esteem. I promised him that he would never have to have therapy with her ever again and he didn't. He continued his sessions with our private therapist and was discharged around two months later.
If it's not right, don't stick with it. There will be others out there who will be just right for your dd. Good luck.

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