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the autism diagnosis

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frankiebuns Fri 07-Nov-14 16:55:35

my ds who is 4 years 2 months got diagnosed with high functioning autism today although we have to see a specialist over the next 6 months too, i was the only one to go to the appointment as dh was working i had suspicions for a long time and did have a moment when he confirmed my supicions i came home at lunch time with ds and his dad was home so i took him in the kitchen and explained, well dh didnt take it well i feel i need a few hours to get my mind together and ive told hubby to take ds to a birthday parety instead of me, it doesnt changwe how i feel about ds and im glad i was right, but is there anyone outy there who can talk to me about what happens next im a bit scared nervous and emotional at the moment , the dr said carry on as normal at the moment but just need a few ides of what the next steps are as i feel like im going into the un known

BugritAndTidyup Fri 07-Nov-14 17:06:45

I can't really help with what happens next (as I have no freaking idea myself), but would just like to offer you flowers.

DD got her diagnosis in September, at 3.5 and it was painful. It's like going into mourning in a way, and I'm only really now coming to accept it and realise that actually it's true: getting a diagnosis doesn't change who me daughter is.

Check out the Special Needs chat board here. Lots of people who will be willing to help and offer more information than I can.

You could also check out the National Autistic Society, and also Childrens centres to see if they have any info about opportunities for children with SN.

Babiecakes11 Fri 07-Nov-14 17:12:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fairgame Fri 07-Nov-14 17:12:46

I will be brutally honest and say that nothing will happen next. My DS was diagnosed in 2011. I got the diagnosis and then was discharged and that was it. No follow up support nothing.
He already had a full statement in place at school (27.5 hours of 1:1). The only difference was that after diagnosed the ASD outreach team could go in and work with him.
I was also allowed to attend the Cygnets parenting course after diagnosis but i had to wait 3 years to a place to come up.

My advice would be to look into going on the early bird/early bird plus or cygnets course as it will help you manage and understand ASD behaviours.

Does your DS attend a nursery? Will he needs any extra help in school? It might be worth looking into this now so that things can be in place when he starts if needed.

The whole process of going through assessment/diagnosis is a rollercoaster. It might be helpful to get in touch with any local support groups, i've always found mine very helpful.
Come over the SN board as well as there are loads of posters on there with a great deal of experience and advice flowers

AlexD72 Fri 07-Nov-14 18:55:36

I cannot say what will happen next in your case but I WILL say its a new beginning. Please try not to worry overly about your child. I know it's easy to say and I know it's hard to do. Worrying won't change anything.
A lot of parents I see who have children with autism blame themselves. This too won't change anything and it's not parents fault.
You need time. And you need time to talk to your partner. I'm sure it will be fine

choc0clock Sat 08-Nov-14 06:21:49

Snap fairgame.
Nothing happened here either. We were already in the process of sorting the statement for school when we got the dx other than that no help really (apart from a parenting course).

Read up as much aa you can to find your own solutions. find a local parenting group for children with SN and/or Asd. Don't expect much help from the system. It probably won't materialise.

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