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Behaviour of nearly 5 year old DS

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dontknowwhatnametopick Fri 07-Nov-14 11:52:34

Bit of background, my DS is nearly 5 and in Feb this year myself and his dad seperated. My DS took this incredibly well and settled quickly with all the changes. Due to work issues with myself and my ex we decided that we would share the care of DS, so every week there are certain days my DS goes to his dads and every 2nd weekend he goes to his dads. These days are always the same.

Things were going great until recently. My DS's behaviour has became so hard to deal with. He gets into strops about the smallest of things, he shouts, refuses to as he is asked constantly and worse of all has started to hit quite badly, infact one day he punched me twice in the mouth! He has also started to finish his wee's on the bathroom floor.

He does not appear to be unhappy, he is great in school, learning really well. Is this just a phase? Anyone else in this situation with any advice as im at the end of my tether, ive became a frustrated shouty mum, someone I dont want to be!

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