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Any advice welcome 6yr old 2yr old and 10 month old

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spideysenses Thu 06-Nov-14 20:14:37

Got a very grumpy 6yr old ds a very stroppy tantrum prone 2 yr old dd and a baby who is lovely but doesn't sleep well. Had a terrible day, started with the two older ones fighting punching kicking etc. when I dropped my ds at school the tantrums started with dd over everything and anything, she is potty trained but decided today to wee in approx 7 pairs of pants and even on the floor twice whilst waiting for me get new clothes, my parents took the younger two for a couple of hours so I could volunteer at the school as I do each week, then at home time ds threw a massive paddy over book day, I explained it was on tomorrow and hadn't got my purse with me today but that wasn't good enough, he hates me I'm the worst mummy ever and refused to walk next to me, until I had to hold his arm for safety. It then all culminates in another huge tantrum from 2 yr old at tea time when she threw a glass jug across the kitchen and smashed it. Had enough of them tried to keep calm and discipline properly and consistently but it gets me nowhere. Any ideas welcome at the end of my patience, thanks for reading if you got this far.

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