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Clingy baby

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nc060 Tue 04-Nov-14 13:09:51

I have an almost 9 week old baby who is super clingy - he falls asleep on me and screams if I put him down, he doesn't really like going in his bouncy chair and screams if I leave the room for even 30 secs, he just wants held ALLthe time. I'd love to hold him all the time but it's getting to the stage where I can literally get nothing done whilst hubby is at work and he's not settling for other people. Obv he's far too young for CC - does anyone have any ideas?

PurplePidjin Tue 04-Nov-14 13:21:32

The Fourth Trimester is a fairly well-recognised "thing" these days. Basically, your baby was very recently cocooned in the safest, snuggliest place in the world and was then rudely thrust into a big, noisy, smelly, overwhelming world. They need to feel, smell, see you in order to feel secure.

From a practical level, get yourself a decent sling - Close Caboo or any variety of stretchy wrap (can pick these up new on ebay for around £15) - so that you can at least make a cuppa and a bit of toast in between feeds.

Be assured that they don't stay this little and helpless for very long. Very soon he'll be able to cope with time exploring this amazing new world you've brought him into. In the meantime, settle yourselves on the sofa with a book/trashy TV show/big cup of tea/snacks and enjoy some time cuddling and healing from the birth and the shock of suddenly becoming a parent!

Thevirginmummy1 Wed 05-Nov-14 15:02:16

My seven week old daughter is exactly the same, although she will settle on other people too. It's made harder by also having a two year old son and a husband on shift work, sometimes for long hours. Just posting to let you know you're not alone and I'm watching with interest. I have a sling (Moby) which is great for getting things done (and a good workout too when squatting to get things!) The only other thing I've learned from my son is that no phase lasts forever and v soon it will be a distant memory. Try to enjoy the cuddles when you can. Xxx

Thevirginmummy1 Wed 05-Nov-14 15:04:39

Oh and I've just bought a Bright Starts Swing. She won't always go in it but she prefers it to the bouncy chair and when she goes it gives me between ten minutes and occasionally an hour or so of hands free luxury!

Davsmum Wed 05-Nov-14 15:07:35

A 9 week old baby is not 'clingy' They just want to feel safe and secure. They do not know you have other things to do, they are too young.
A sling is a good idea but this 'behaviour' won't last forever,..It is very early days yet!

LittleBearPad Wed 05-Nov-14 15:10:15

A sling is the best plan. He's not clingy. He just needs to be held. And it will pass soon

Thevirginmummy1 Thu 04-Dec-14 18:01:59

Just wondered how you're getting on. I've noticed a big difference in my daughter in the past few days - she's more content to lie/swing and look around. Hope things have got a bit easier for you. Xxx

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