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DS(7) starting to become sexually aware and is easily upset, is this normal?

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transformum Mon 03-Nov-14 12:53:51

My DS who is 7, nearly 8 has in the last year become very private about his willy and will always hide from me and DH. I put this down to him growing up. However he is now getting upset if he feels it has accidentally brushed us with it when he hugs us and he will come to me to tell me he is upset because he accidentally touched me 'down there' when we hugged. Also he will come up to me to tell me his head is saying things like 'you should have sex with her' talking about me or other women. He does not not know about the mechanics of sex other than it is something that two people do to make a baby and that people are naked, but I feel it is right time to give him an age appropriate talk.

I am getting concerned that he is getting so upset by what is going on. He will regularly pull me by side to tell me that is brain is telling him bad stuff like I should shut up or that I am a boring mother. He says he doesn't mean it but he can't control what his brain is telling him. He always feels better after confessing to me, but this sometimes happens several times a day.

Is this something I should be worried about?

Notnastypasty Mon 03-Nov-14 13:00:28

I'm sure someone with better advice will come along soon but I would say this sounds like a form of OCD. Some people have it in the form of hand washing etc but for some people it can be unwanted obtrusive thoughts of a sexual nature. A trip to the gp would be an idea, if they dismiss it then maybe see a counsellor to help him deal with it if it continues.

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Mon 03-Nov-14 23:21:00

I also think that a trip to the GP is a good idea.. and don't let them brush you off.
It may be just a passing phase.. children can get obsessed and upset at times, but it does sound OCD and it can be very distressing. My DS2 developed OCD with intrusive thoughts (sparked by the the bloody Jimmy Saville media coverage) and he was terrified of his own head. We were referred to CAHMS (child and adolescent mental health) who spent a long time talking with him (psychologist) to help him understand his thoughts and help him control them. He is much happier now and the thoughts have pretty much gone away, tho it took a while.

In the mean time, listening to him will help even tho it's difficult sad

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