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Baby has always been a bit of a grump

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Hoggle246 Mon 03-Nov-14 06:22:04

It feels a horrible thing to say but my 10 mo has always been quite moany. He is also great fun and very smiley but if I had to describe it I guess it would just be that he is quick to turn into moans/whines/cries if he's not totally happy about something and it's obviously impossible for everything be perfect for him all the time! It feels as though I've been moaned at almost constantly for the best part of a year now and it's starting to take it's toll. Developmentally all is fine as far as I can tell, he's extremely active and is starting to really develop on his language comprehension. I guess I just hoped that as he gets older this would pass - has anyone experienced this? I know you shouldn't compare but it also makes it difficult that all my friends' babies are incredibly relaxed and easy going and I'm the one turning up with a baby who basically quite often isn't very happy doing whatever it is we're doing! I try to stay really upbeat about it because the poor thing can't help it and I don't want him to be around a grumpy mum! Dh is out the house 7-7 so it's me and ds alone all day, although I make sure we're sociable and get out. Anyway, I suppose I'm looking to check that this is normal for some babies and also that the older he gets the less of a problem this will be ... hopefully?!

MadameJ Mon 03-Nov-14 07:56:49

I have 2 dd's and my first sounds exactly like your lo, she appeared to be quite unhappy with life unless attached to my boob (which was most of the time!!) However by 12 months she was an absolute delight and still is now at nearly 4. I just supported her when she needed it and in time she just changed. Dd2 is completely different and was one of those babies that everyone wants, smily, happy etc. At 16 months she is going through a really tricky stage and has taken a massive dislike to people and going places and I will admit I'm struggling but at least this time I know it's a stage and she will change when she is ready. Good luck tho because it is tough x

Hoggle246 Mon 03-Nov-14 08:41:04

Thanks so much madamej that's so good to hear. I just keep hoping that the more ds is able to do, the happier he will be. I can totally get how life might be v. frustrating for babies. Someone my dh works with said that her baby just didn't seem to enjoy being a baby and I can see what she means by that. I'm mostly really enjoying our time together but it is hard when you get a lot of crying too! Sorry you're going through a tough stage atm too, hope it's short lived! x

MizLizLemon Mon 03-Nov-14 08:50:20

My DD was quite a grumpy baby but she improved massively when she reached toddlerhood because she could then both get around by herself and could talk enough to make her needs/wants understood.

I think for some of them being unable to walk or talk is just hugely frustrating. DD was however a lovely almost tantrum free toddler, hopefully your DS will be the same.

BotBotticelli Mon 03-Nov-14 13:46:39

DS was like this as a baby. It was such hard work and I got pnd.

Fast forward he is now 23mo and largely and absolute delight. He is funny, kind, clever and just amazing!!

Things started to get better for us when he turned 1yo (not 12 weeks like everyone kept promising us!!), because he learned to walk at 12.5 mo and was SO happy to be physically independent.

He started saying the odd word at 16mo and now chatters away in full (very opinionated) sentences! Learning to talk has changed him So much. He is so much happier now.

I think he just hated being a baby!

Fingers crossed things start to improve for you soon around the 12 month mark xx

BotBotticelli Mon 03-Nov-14 13:48:07

Ps those friends of yours with the happy gurgly content babies may well find the toddler years a horrible shock!!

Whereas one tantrum every couple of days (when you know what it's about!) is a piece of poss compared to 12 months of endless grizzling!!

You will feel like you've really hit your stride smile

BotBotticelli Mon 03-Nov-14 13:48:23

*piece of piss!

Hoggle246 Mon 03-Nov-14 19:36:32

Ah you are all stars! You've made me feel a ton better, thank you. I always hoped things would change and you have given me faith again. I will hold tight and hope that walking and talking will help the little poppet find things easier.

BotBoticelli I have to admit to watching with interest how friends will manage a tantrum! [evil cackle] thlgrin

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