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Do you LOs regularly wake at night?

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Taler Sun 02-Nov-14 22:19:42

I just don't know what makes my DD wake?? Most of the time she'll cry out and when I go in she'll be sat up in her cot all sleepy.

I'm 99% sure she's not hungry, doesn't need her nappy changed and I'm pretty sure it's not pain related. But something keeps waking her.

People talk about the LOs "going through the night" and whilst my DD may not need a middle-of-the-night feed, she isn't doing what I would call "going through the night" as she wakes regularly.

What could it be that is disturbing her?

Stripylikeatiger Sun 02-Nov-14 22:23:36

How old is she?

Taler Mon 03-Nov-14 01:26:58

A year

Rinkydinkypink Mon 03-Nov-14 01:48:24

Yes hence the stupid time ! 17 months old and yet still she wakes up hmm

My eldest was the worst. Never slept through for over 3.5 years. It's a killer hmm

BustyCraphopper Mon 03-Nov-14 02:41:37

Yup. My one year old currently awake. Dd1 had a very poor sleeping stage at around 12-13 months as well.

BitchyTakesOnManagement Mon 03-Nov-14 04:14:06

Apparently it is the lull between sleep cycles where they are less deeply asleep. Iirc we all do this, almost surface between cycles but most of us do not remember.

And yes my ds still wakes regularly in the night. He has just been up. He is 9yo but before you panic there are medical reasons so not likely to be something you should expect.

DeWee Mon 03-Nov-14 09:32:19

Mine were all very different in waking.

Dd1 slept through at 8 weeks, 12 hours and almost never woke at night again.
Dd2 woke regularly 2-3 times a night until she was about 18 months when the doctor gave her mediced (now not allowed for that age) whereupon she started sleeping through pretty much every night.
Ds woke 2x a night until he was 20 months when he had grommets in which stopped his ear infections. However he still (age 7yo) does wake sometimes at night, when he rolls through and gets into our bed. He goes through phases of this-he's done that for the last 3 nights, but I don't think had been through for well over a month before that.

They were all treated the same way as far as bedtime routine/feeding etc. went, except ds moved back out of a cot at 7 months and onto a mattres on the floor in our room as he was climbing out of his cot (wearing a sleeping bag!!!) so frequently it seemed safer.

minipie Mon 03-Nov-14 16:06:54

Yup, DD age 2 still wakes in the night regularly, especially if (even slightly) teething or ill.

It seems to be improving as she now doesn't wake with a cold except the first day when she's got a sore throat/all bunged up, and doesn't always wake with teething. I am hoping that once this winter is over and her molars are in, she will start to sleep through most of the time.

She doesn't need much sleep - only 11-12 hours a day rather than the more average 13-14 - and I think this is linked to the waking up, because she is just less tired so sleeps less deeply. DH and I are both light sleepers too so guess that doesn't help.

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