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****shaking babys pram***

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mumma1234 Sun 02-Nov-14 11:11:39

Hi, I am new here.
I posted a couple of day ago, but think I posted in the wrong section.

Anyhow to cut a long story short, I am such a big big worrier and some days worry about things constantly. Some times I go months without worrying.

Anyhow my girl is now three years old, but lately I've been thinking back to when she were five months old .. She wouldn't settle at all one night so we both slept downstairs, she was in her big bouncy Moses basket style prams.
She would not stop crying. We were both tired ... I shook her pram hard from side to side for just two seconds.
I am now going through a anxiety stage and worrying about shaken baby syndrome. as that's all I seem to hear about these days.
I feel awful.
Is I possible shaking a pram side to side hard for a couple of seconds going to cause damage fo a baby?
My friends and family keep telling me I am been silly and she was in her pram, I didn't pick her up and directly shake her.

Has anybody been through similar?
Am I been silly to even think that?

My little girl is a clever three year old, yet the guilt has suddenly just come flooding in the past couple of days.

Any comments will be much appreciated

Thank you x

PotteringAlong Sun 02-Nov-14 11:14:06

She's fine. It was 2.5 years ago.

Have you spoken to someone about your anxiety?

Findingthisdifficult1234 Sun 02-Nov-14 11:15:12

Ah I'm sure you would know by now if you had caused any damage. Please try not to worry, speak to your GP maybe if you are really concerned?

DanceToJoyDivision Sun 02-Nov-14 11:23:56

No shaking a pram for a few seconds wouldn't have caused damage.

I used to judder by DCs pram quite often - not because I was angry but because they liked it and it soothed them. It never occurred to me this could be problematic and they are now perfectly healthy 3 and 5 year olds.

Do you suffer from anxiety generally OP? I ask because it seems like a funny thing to focus on years after the event when you have a perfectly healthy toddler in front of you. We all have parenting 'fails' - I dropped DC1 once when they were a baby, DC2 fell down some stairs on my watch etc. Although I felt awful and guilty at the time, I don't anymore. Why do you think you are fixating on this? I would see your GP to discuss your anxiety. flowers

Galvanized Sun 02-Nov-14 11:24:36

I saw your other post and the replies you had there still stand. Please talk to your HV or GP about your anxiety/depression.

mumma1234 Sun 02-Nov-14 11:33:50

Ho, thank you for your replies.
I was reading something in the paper a few days ago about a little boy that suffered shaken baby syndrome and it was a week layer they found he had been shaken.

It got me worrying what if shaking her pran hard could have caused by daughter damage and me not knowing about it.

Bit like people tell me, I didn't pick her up and shake her .. I shook the pram. Not her.

Yes I do tend to worry about everything and over analysing everything.


mumma1234 Sun 02-Nov-14 11:59:58

Also when I shook the pram afterwards I were that worried I were looking for symptoms.
Symptoms of shaken baby syndrome says vomiting is one of the symptoms and my little girl had a tiny bit of sick down her vest. I freaked out.

But like people tell me, you didnt directly shake her .. She were. Laid flat inside of the pram.

I guess its mummy guilt more than anything x

DanceToJoyDivision Sun 02-Nov-14 13:55:45

If you are really still concerned about your DD after consulting your family and MN then you really need to take her to the GP and get her checked out. If a GP said she was OK would that put your mind at ease? It would be a good opportunity for you to chat about your anxiety as well.

PotteringAlong Sun 02-Nov-14 17:45:43

But that was a week later. This is 2.5 years.

I really think a chat with someone about your anxiety is needed here.

Gingerbreadpixie Mon 03-Nov-14 12:33:42

Hi mumma. I suffer from anxiety/obsessive thoughts. Well, I did before I saw a doctor and started CBT/tablets. I recognise my own previous obsessive worrying in your post. So I'd recommend seeing your GP. x

mumma1234 Mon 03-Nov-14 13:51:50

Thank you gingerbreadpixie. I am seeing my Dr tomorrow.

People tell me I am been silly as no way can you cause shaken baby syndrome from been laid in a pram and been shaken hard for two seconds.

I got told you have to literally be holding the baby with its head going in a whiplash motion.

I worry way too much x

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