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help needed getting a 4 month old to bottle feed

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RichardInBermuda Sat 01-Nov-14 09:26:01

Help, my wife is back to work on Monday and we've tried all week to get baby on to the bottle. He hates it. I thought he'd get used to it but he's just got used to hating it. He cries every time the bottle is anywhere near his mouth. We need him on the bottle for Monday when he starts nursery.
-were using breast milk, fresh so there cant be a temperature issue
-I've (dads) been doing the bottle feed with mum out of the room
-we've tried once a day for around 15 minutes for 5 days
-we haven't tried different bottle/nipples yet as he cries as soon as the nipples on his lips
when he was 1 month old I gave him the bottle during the night and he was fine we've stopped for 3 months and now he's older he's having problems.
I know we probably should have started earlier but we had 2 hurricanes in 1 week and priorities had to be compromised.
Any help please? My wife is part time, and the nursery is only 2 minutes from her office so we have got a plan B if it all goes horribly wrong.

GoldfishSpy Sat 01-Nov-14 17:36:40

How old is he? Some babies refuse to feed much in the daytime after 7 months or so if mum is away, but make up for it at night.

Discopanda Sat 01-Nov-14 23:51:06

An old trick is to try giving him the bottle whilst your wife is out of the room as a lot of the bf preference is to do with comfort. Try one of his feeds when he's most hungry like the first feed of the day and he might be a bit more willing to try. Also, try different shaped teats, some are more nipular (is that a word?!) others just look odd and letting him hold a favourite toy or comforter.

PuppyMummy Sun 02-Nov-14 07:52:59

my 5 month old did the same, took a bottle then stopped!

We hav had some success with a Nuk latex teat and glass bottle also mine prefers the milk to be hot rather than warm so even though you are using fresh milk it might be worth warming it.

I also disagree with the pp poster about giving the bottle when baby is very hungry. we found it just made the baby stressed and upset and wouldn't consider the bottle because he was so hungry.

I would suggest a feed when he is starting to get hungry but not starving and just offer a little milk (I then BF after).

good luck

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