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When did your baby track objects with eyes?

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Girlsville Wed 29-Oct-14 10:32:16

Dd3 is 11 weeks (6 weeks corrected as she was born at 35 weeks). She is still not tracking objects with her eyes. I e asked for a referral to an optometrist and know her prematurity has it be taken I to account but am worried sick!

ClawHandsIfYouBelieveInFreaks Wed 29-Oct-14 15:52:45

I found this thread on another site which might make you feel better as there are a lot of parents of premature babies reporting the same thing.x

Girlsville Wed 29-Oct-14 16:51:34


Rebs277 Wed 29-Oct-14 23:54:49

Hello there - my baby boy arrived 10 weeks early and started tracking around 7 weeks corrected I think (he is now 10 weeks corrected - ie 20 weeks old) and will track well in the morning but by the evening he is a bit tired so still won't. He had a full physical and neurological exam at seven weeks and they were happy that he was doing everything he should, but reminded us that for all the milestones that are about brain development we should expect him to hit them at corrected age not real age.

Hope that helps! Wanted to reassure you xx

Girlsville Thu 30-Oct-14 02:11:20

Thank you, very reassuring!

DancingtheTittyTango Sat 01-Nov-14 10:01:15

My daughter was 3 weeks early and didn't track objects properly until nearly 16 weeks! She's now nearly 10 months and can spot a tiny toy on the floor across a 15ft room (and then crawl like a maniac to fetch it).

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