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8yr old DS - teacher thinks he may have ADHD - advice please!

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Ibby6 Tue 28-Oct-14 19:27:41

sad My 8yr old DS has always had periods at school of getting into trouble for silly things like shouting out / talking and occasionally for seemingly thoughtless acts like pushing or saying silly things (usually when he first gets a new teacher). At home he has to be nagged to do the day to day stuff (brush your teeth, let's get our shoes on, can you stop throwing the ball inside, etc) but we've always put this down to boyish behaviour, as other mums have had similar complaints. However, his teacher this year has said that his shouting out /silly behaviour is the worst she's come across and she's tried various positive reward systems/ punishments to no avail. She put forward that he might have ADHD. I work as a HLTA in his school and don't really have any issues at all with him when I'm teaching his class, but I suppose that could be because I'm there! Watching him at swimming lessons and football practice, I'd say he was no worse than some of the other boys. We've tried rewards / reminder cards on his desk / removing privileges and although sometimes they work a little, nothing long term happens.
Im worried that this is just going to spiral and even thought he is one of the most intelligent children in his class he is going to majorly underachieve and always have a bad reputation at school.
Help! Ideas please!

Eva50 Wed 29-Oct-14 14:52:45

My ds1 has ADHD and ds3 has suspected ADD and autistic traits but nothing diagnosed. (ds2 has ASD - just for the hat trick but that's not relevant)

I would let the teacher take it forward, organise for him to be assessed by the relevant professionals and see what they think. If he doesn't have ADHD they will be able to suggest strategies that can be put in place to help him at home and school and if he does have it you will have grounds to push for all the help he needs. Ds1 is very intelligent but has underachieved (but is doing fine and is happy with his lot) and I know I should have pushed harder for more help in primary school but it's difficult with your first. I am certainly pushing harder for ds3.

Ibby6 Wed 05-Nov-14 17:24:11

Thanks. Since last week, he had two fantastic days followed by a rubbish day (along with about 1/4 of the class!) and then 3 brill days so far this week, so I suspect that although he finds it tricky not to shout out etc, he is less likely to be ADHD. I would expect every day to be a problem otherwise. Am keeping fingers crossed, and will see how the next couple of weeks go! ��

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