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7yo wets bed whilst settling but is dry all night and has been dry for years

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MalloryApples Mon 01-Sep-14 21:21:49

My just turned 7yo daughter has had years and years of being dry day and night but over the last couple of months she has been wetting the bed at least once every evening whilst settling. I am 99.99% sure that she is not doing it deliberately and often it seems that she is just sitting up about to rush to the toilet but doesn't make it on time. Sometimes it can happen twice in an evening. But as soon as she is asleep, it is fine, she has never wet bed in sleep.
I don't make a fuss negatively although we have had a few talks about whether she is doing it to get attention and she swears she doesn't like doing it and it isn't on purpose. Neither do I reward it with lots of extra cuddles and attention - we just go in, change the sheets and tuck her in with a kiss and then leave her to settle.
There haven't been any major life changes or things that she is particularly worried about as far as I know. All the bedwetting info I can find is about what to do if your child wets whilst asleep. The only thing I can think of is pelvic floor issues (but she is fine during the day).
Any suggestions? We recently started buying those drynites pyjama pants to save on the sheet changing, but she has mixed feelings about that due to older sister teasing her (grrrr) and I'm not sure if it has been happening even more since we started with the pants. She doesn't drink much near bedtime, always has a wee before bed and I don't know what else we can do....


Mij Tue 02-Sep-14 20:57:39

Sorry haven't had this particular issue (though have 2 DDs that have had/still have their own issues day and night) but wondering if there's a way to time it and get her up (ie disturb her settling I suppose :/) a few minutes before? A bit like lifting but in a dozing stage? Might break a pattern and help you to see if it is Behaviour with a capital B?

MalloryApples Fri 12-Sep-14 21:02:16

Thanks. That could be worth a try.

Willdoitinaminute Sat 13-Sep-14 18:53:46

Have you sat and watched her fall asleep. If as you say it's only started recently there may be a medical reason. It may be worth a visit to your GP. May be worth videoing her falling asleep to see if there is anything unusual happening.

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