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Kindle or leap for 6yo?

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MultipleMama Mon 01-Sep-14 17:03:46

DS1 who turns 6 on Wednesday, is an avid free reader and has a habit of switching between books or reading 3 books (for example; chapter each) at a time. But is 6yo too young for one?

However, I'm also thinking of the leap pad/band for educational reasons but I'm not sure if he'd become bored quickly with it. Or how good they are.


superbagpuss Tue 02-Sep-14 14:47:40

we bought our 4 year olds a hudl from tesco, we downloaded free educational games (and one or two not so educational) and I believe you can use the kindle app on them.

We locked ours down completely so they cannot do anything or see anything we don't want them too, and their are no credit cards assocaited with the accounts so they cannot buy anything.

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