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Is this normal?

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bridget75 Sat 30-Aug-14 09:35:39

Hi, I have recently moved in with my boyfriend who is a single Dad to a seven year old boy. Everything is going well and his Son is a very loveable child, and we get on very well. However, my bf has recently switched to doing some nightshifts, which means bathing his Son is up to me when his Dad is on nights. It seems a strange question to ask, but it is something that perturbs me a little. Is it normal for a boy of his age to get an erection while having his bath? It happens every time, and although it does not bother him, in fact he does not seem to notice, or mention it, I must admit I find it a little strange. My bf says that it happens when he is bathing him also, and he thinks I'm being silly! Maybe I am, I don't know. I have no children of my own yet, and kind of feel as if I've dived straight into the deep end.

iklboo Sat 30-Aug-14 09:38:52

DS gets then all the time. Usually while he's absently twiddling with it whole watching tv. But yes, in the bath / shower too. It's normal & nothing sexual in it.

ernesttheBavarian Sat 30-Aug-14 09:42:04

Why do you or your partner need to bathe a 7 year old? I find that hard to believe. At the very most, run the water for him/check it's not too hot. Than leave him to it. I had to re read to check it was 7 years not 7 months.

I'm not sure I believe you. But if it is true, then just leave him to hop in the bath himself fgs.

Sparklingbrook Sat 30-Aug-14 09:44:25

Yes, at 7 years you just need to run the bath, no need for any further involvement after that. confused

iwouldgoouttonight Sat 30-Aug-14 09:48:05

Yes it's normal. My DS gets them all the time. He also says it feels nice if he rubs it against things blush I think I may have asked on here before whether it's normal and it appears it is!

FWIW my DS is 7 and I still help him in the bath, otherwise he'd still have half the shampoo on his head when he got out!

Tambaboy Sat 30-Aug-14 09:51:24

I think it's quite normal, ds used to scream when that happened.
ds is 7.5 and we still help him with showers. He has ASD though.

lljkk Sat 30-Aug-14 09:54:38

ha! Liars (some of you). If OP had posted "Would you leave a 7yo alone in the bath?" a lot of you would say maybe at best or even flat NO.

Sparklingbrook Sat 30-Aug-14 10:00:53

IIRC at 7 I ran the bath Ds got in, and then my only involvement after was an occasional shout from the landing to wash hair/body/stop faffing then tell him to get out and throw a towel in.

There was no 'bathing' him involved.

What is the fear of leaving a 7 year old in the bath?

iklboo Sat 30-Aug-14 10:08:19

We don't 'bath' bath DS (8). We check it's not too hot before he gets in & maybe help him wash his hair but we don't wash him or hover.

EllenMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 30-Aug-14 10:22:45

Thanks for your helpful responses all flowers, and Welcome to MN, OP grin

bridget75 Sat 30-Aug-14 10:48:49

Well, I have to admit.... I did initially ask my bf if his DS was not able to do it all by himself, although I'm pretty sure my Mum still bathed me when I was seven. It is actually difficult to get him in the bath, and nearly impossible to get him out. Also, when I say I bath him, I'm not scrubbing him down, I wash his hair and he is able to do the rest himself. Also, he has games that he plays while in the tub that he likes his Dad or I to join in with. His Dad was advised to have these activities for him to do to make it easier to get him in there in the first place.

@Iklboo @iwouldgoouttonight @Tambaboy... Thanks for your responses. It's good to know it's not just DSS. Haha

@Ellenmumsnet.... Thankyou!

@Sparklingbrook @ernestthebavarian... As I say, I'm new to this, and just trying to find my feet.

Sparklingbrook Sat 30-Aug-14 10:57:23

Could he have a shower? Less faff and quicker.

EllenMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 30-Aug-14 11:08:31

Hi again Bridget75, glad to be of help. Just to add that we have edited out your BF's DS's name from your latest post - we encourage all MNers not to reveal info that might identify them or third parties in RL (real life).

HTH and have a good weekend. grin

Artistic Sat 30-Aug-14 11:22:37

DD is 7 & takes a shower herself. We've taught her to adjust the temperature & turn the water on/off. Now she only needs reminders to get in the shower & then sometimes to finish quickly. If she takes a bath I keep peeping in but usually leave her to it.

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