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Toddler ADHD???

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mummy2lola Thu 28-Aug-14 08:54:14

Hi there. I'm writing regarding my dd who is 2 in November, as I'm concerned many people have mentioned ADHD when referring to her behaviours. I had childhood ADHD& worried that if it is genetic, maybe I've passed it on :-/ here's a few examples of my dd

- excessively thirsty
- runs everywhere
- never tired- hard to get her to calm down prior to bedtime
- eats hardly a thing then screams for juice
- very clever with huge vocabulary
- very imaginative, loves books and pretend play
- destructive
- tantrums that are big but don't last long
- constantly asks for things when I say no e.g. Dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy .... And on.. Until I'm going nuts!
- doesn't want cuddles
- gets cross when you try to do things for vet- fiercely independant- gets cross when things go wrong.
- hates being forced to sit still unless she has a book (buggy car)
- in her own world

In probably describing an average toddler- what are the signs I should look out for? Don't like labelling kids- I just like to think she's adventurous :-)

howtoapproachthis Thu 28-Aug-14 19:37:45

i don't know about adhd but she sounds very like my todder who is coming 3, except my dd isn't really that into books. i have also looked up 'high needs' toddlers and my dd fits in there so im hesitant of labelling also, but it is very challenging for me. do you find the behaviour challenging at all, and if so how do you cope with it?

Iggly Thu 28-Aug-14 19:39:04

Sounds like mine except the thirsty business. Does she drink water or juice? Could be that she has a taste for juice. I'd cut back and stick to water.

I don't think my dd has ADHD. I just think she's 2!

notadoctor Thu 28-Aug-14 21:27:58

My DD (2.8yo) is also very similar. My DB (who is a primary teacher) has mentioned ADHD but I think it's far too early to label! Some of the techniques from 'The Happiest Toddler on the Block' have been helpful for dealing with tantrums - and in case it's reassuring her tantrums are getting much easier to manage the closer she gets to 3yo.

mummy2lola Fri 29-Aug-14 05:12:39

Howtoapproachthis- I do find it very challenging! I'm not well at the moment and in recovery for PTSD and anorexia, so it is hard to say the least!

mummy2lola Fri 29-Aug-14 05:13:49

Iggly.. It's sugar free squash- do you think I should just offer water? And if she really is thirsty, she'll drink it won't she? X

munchkinmaster Fri 29-Aug-14 05:21:54

None of those things are really symptoms of ADHD but are all 'symptoms' of toddlerhood.

The juice will be super sweet even if sugar free and much nicer to fill self up on than food. I'd drop it - or water it down a bit more each day till it is a spot in water (easier life).

Hurr1cane Fri 29-Aug-14 06:17:45

Is it sugar free squash with the sweetner in that begins with A? I can't remember the full name, I'll search it now, but that sweetner has always sent my DS up the wall. They use it in calpol too and it's a nightmare when he's poorly.

Hurr1cane Fri 29-Aug-14 06:19:08


That's the fucker. Id rather DS have sugar than that, it sends him wild

Hurr1cane Fri 29-Aug-14 06:21:24

I looked up aspartame and one of the side effects is excessive thirst.

Iggly Fri 29-Aug-14 12:03:49

Don't give the juice - sugar free is devil juice. Give normal juice and gradually dilute.
Juice is better with meals only.

LastingLight Fri 29-Aug-14 12:39:41

Toddlers are supposed to behave like they have ADHD, it's normal for their developmental stage. ADHD is genetic so look out for it when she's older, but not now.

MomOfABeast Sat 30-Aug-14 11:25:56

ADHD does run in families so its a possibility BUT the symptoms of ADHD are also very common in toddlers who don't have ADHD and often they simply grown out f them so it's impossible to say at this point.

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