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Judo :reluctance to carry on

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ohh Wed 27-Aug-14 22:31:19

Darling Daughter has been doing judo at school since year 1 and has progressed to train with County level as has what appears to be a natural ability to do this martial art.
However she now whinges that she hates it every time she goes; like cannot be bothered as she is a bit inclined to be lazy; but compees really well once thre and is happy and not whingeing when goes home.

Hubby wants her to continue until she is 16, but she wants to stop now, she is 12.

Help! Half of me thinks no it would be such a waste as she has talent, the other poor thing she must really not like it even though good at it.

What would you do?

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 28-Aug-14 09:26:01

Why does she want to give up? Is she tired or thinks she is missing out on time with family and friends? Has she had a change at judo, like a new time or instructor?

Why does DH want her to carry on until she's 16?

Tambaboy Thu 28-Aug-14 11:01:27

I did judo as a child and gave up when I was 10. I didn't enjoy it any more and it was a chore. But I still liked martial arts and I'm now in my forties and I still do Jiujitsu. I'm the only woman in my club.
I guess at 12 she might start feeling a bit self conscious about her body and judo is a very close contact sport, does she train with boys and girls?
Maybe she doesn't like the competitiveness of judo, it's a sport after all. There are other martial arts that are less competitive but equally challenging.

micah Thu 28-Aug-14 11:09:02

12 is a common age for girls to drop out of sport- growing, high school, puberty, homework, all add up to a lot if pressure.

First stop I'd say is her instructor- does he think she's really, go all the way talented? If she is she might just need telling that to motivate her..

Otherwise I'd try to keep her in sport if you can. How often does she train? Can she cut down a day, maybe try a new sport on that day? Martial artists are strong and flexible so will be sought after for other sports- track, weightlifting, lots!

or I'd negotiate with her to give it until Christmas, and if she still wants to give up she can. Sport has a lot of highs and lows and sometimes they just need to get over a hump...

Again speak to her instructor and make sure the door is open for her to go back. Lots find the miss it, and miss the fitness, and are ready to get back in there after a break..

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