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ithoughtofitfirst Tue 26-Aug-14 18:31:27

Ds had a tummy bug (27mo) nearly a fortnight ago but still has diarrhoea. Thank god i haven't started toilet training him yet because i've changed 11 nappies today. It's so bad he keeps saying 'tummy hurt' and 'bum hurt'. Everyone (as in that i've spoken to friends family etc) keep saying oh it will go keep feeding him normally but now i think i've narrowed it down to milk that seems to make it worse, as in it just runs straight through him. He is drinking water well as long as it's out of his fave cup and eating pretty normally as in hasn't gone off his food particularly. Normal pita 2 year old.

Anyone got any thoughts/experience? I'd be really grateful. Should i take him to the docs tomorrow?

*Disclaimer: Hand hygiene is immaculate, clothes washed regularly, changing mat disinfected after every change, bedding changed after every episode in 60º etc etc

ilovepowerhoop Tue 26-Aug-14 19:45:17

could be a temporary lactose intolerance caused by the bug. You could try lactofree cows milk and see if it helps (can find it with the others cows milks in the supermarket)

ithoughtofitfirst Tue 26-Aug-14 22:00:08

Thanks ilove i will give that a go. I've given him some of my soya milk for tonight. He didn't look pleased but there you go i'm a bit sick of cleaning shitty bed clothes

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