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How do you co-sleep and actually get some sleep?

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Taler Tue 26-Aug-14 07:17:45

I don't co-sleep with my DD very often but sometimes there is the need. But every time I do I barely sleep! I am so aware of her every move, plus she's a right little fidget!

How do the rest of you manage to actually sleep?

MrsWinnibago Tue 26-Aug-14 07:44:20

I think the clue is in the fact that it's not regular for either of you. I co-slept with both of mine and couldn't actually sleep if they weren't with seem to tune into their movements somehow.

WalkingWolf Tue 26-Aug-14 08:13:20

I co slept with both of mine. DC2 still does.

Basically, I just got used to not sleeping. Helpful I know.

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