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teething trouble or something more sinister?

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hydeparkhottie Sun 24-Aug-14 22:52:28

Hey Everyone,

I think my daughter is teething. She is putting her fingers in her mouth and chomping...she is also crying every hour on the hour. I've tried the teething gels, calpol and some granules.

She does have some allergies (milk, eggs and nuts)...I thought perhaps the nelsons teething granules had caused indigestion and were causing more pain than relief; but she has been crying hourly for three days now. I've tried ice lollies, ice cubes, vegan ice cream, spoons, chopsticks etc. I want to bring her comfort; and I do understand that she must be exhausted beyond belief. She isn't eating much either.

My son, who is 5 didn't experience teething like this. Is there anything I can do? How do I know this is actually teething and not something worse? She isn't showing any other signs of illness but all she is doing is crying/screaming/calming down and then crying again. She is only 9 months old and I can't bear to watch my little baby in such a state.

Any advice?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 24-Aug-14 23:39:47

Have you checked the medication to see if she's ok with it? Does she have a temperature?

hydeparkhottie Mon 25-Aug-14 01:28:49

No temprature. But I don't think I can give her the granules as they have lactose in them. sad

AnythingNotEverything Mon 25-Aug-14 01:31:17

Have you tried anbesol? It's the only thing that goes near dds teeth. You have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter.

Tipsykisses Mon 25-Aug-14 01:35:44

I Agree with the anbesol working better & I also found baby Neurofen better than than calpol .
Maybe worth a check up at gp if she still doesn't settle .

AndThisIsTrue Tue 26-Aug-14 21:48:21

Not sure about the Nelsons ones but all other teething granules I have seen have lactose in them? DS is dairy free so we can only use the gel stuff.

Tipsykisses Wed 27-Aug-14 06:00:42

Hope your dd has settled now hydepark x

Fixitagaintomorrow Wed 27-Aug-14 13:16:03

Maybe try colic drops or gripe water. With all the crying she may be gulping down lots of air which could cause stomach pains. Some babies have a really tough time with teething, with dd it went on for months and she had such a bad stomach which led to severe nappy rash. Unfortunately there's not much you can do other than make them comfortable with calpol/ibuprofen. I would also recommend anbesol.

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