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Need inspiration! Any celebrity examples of brothers who GET ON WELL?

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thisparentinggig Sun 24-Aug-14 11:13:03

I can only think of...

The Winklevoss Brothers (from the Social Network)

Any at all? How about fictional ones if no more real ones?

Sparklingbrook Sun 24-Aug-14 11:15:14

Jedward? (sorry!) Do twins count?

scaevola Sun 24-Aug-14 11:17:40


The Underwood brothers in rugby, the Brownlees in the triathlon, and the Murrays in tennis.

Lucked Sun 24-Aug-14 11:29:42

The proclaimers grin

scaevola Sun 24-Aug-14 11:30:55

And of course Princes William and Harry.

Also the Marx Brothers.

Wilbur and Orville Wright.

scaevola Sun 24-Aug-14 11:34:06

Going back a bit: the Gibb brothers in the Bee Gees, the Wilsons in the Beach Boys and the Everly Brothers.

C0smos Sun 24-Aug-14 11:35:31

Hemsworth brothers - Liam, Chris and Luke
Afflecs - Ben and Casey, don't see them together much but Ben always gives Casey roles in his films

LeBearPolar Sun 24-Aug-14 11:43:22

Julian and Dick in the Famous Five grin

William and Harry are a fab example because they seem very different in character and personality but are clearly very close.

LeBearPolar Sun 24-Aug-14 11:44:52

The Baldwins and the Fiennes are examples of huge families of brothers. No idea if they get on, but they don't seem not to, if that makes sense.

Hatetidyingthehouse Sun 24-Aug-14 14:38:28

William and Harry

idahobeachhouse Sun 24-Aug-14 14:45:06

The Weasleys, the children in the Wouldbegoods and the Treasure Seekers (E. Nesbit both), the children in the Arthur Ransome stories. Must be lots of real examples too, but I think those are harder to find because they don't just need to get on they also need to be famous.

snice Sun 24-Aug-14 14:46:50

Jeremy and Tim Vine?

thornrose Sun 24-Aug-14 14:47:25

The Waltons? G'night John Boy.

housemoverihope Sun 24-Aug-14 14:50:54

Alastair and jonny brownlee (the triathletes)

Heyho111 Tue 26-Aug-14 09:06:29

How would we know if they get on or not. What's portrayed in the media isn't what's really happening in their lives it's just what they want us to see.

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