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How un/cooperative is your 2 year old?

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LittlePink Sat 23-Aug-14 19:47:59

I have a 2.2 yr old DD and it was just making me wonder how cooperative other 2 yr olds are in comparison to her. Everything in terms of care is a battle every single day. Getting her ready in the morning, brushing her teeth in particular, asking her to do things during the day whatever that may be gets a big no, she ignores her name being called most of the time or just wont do whatever it is im asking. Shes very strong minded and decisive so we're at loggerheads quite a lot. Ive tried compromises but she doesn't understand them, its her way or the highway. Shes the same for DH too and I don't know how many times a day we threaten the 1,2,3 thing. This used to be very effective, she would say sorry sorry and do what she was asked but the last couple of days she lets us get to 3 and quite happily goes and sits in the corner and sits there as stubborn as anything. She tells us "i'll go in the corner" and takes herself there and sits down. Like "i'd rather sit here all day than brush my teeth so this is where im staying".

We've tried all the cutesy things like "dolly wants her face washed too" etc etc and giving choices such as "do you want mummy to do it or you do it?" Its not just the face washing/teeth brushing thing, its most things throughout the day. Its absolutely exhausting trying to come up with ways to get her to comply to get things done.

Am I alone here? Or is this just the terrible 2s in full swing and very common behaviour?

Xmasbaby11 Sat 23-Aug-14 19:51:46

Sounds exactly the same as dd who is 2 7! Everything works for a couple of days and then she stops caring about reward / naughty step / whatever. So frustrating!

Buttercup27 Sat 23-Aug-14 19:53:59

Sounds exactly the same as my ds. He's 2.5 but with the added problem of a speech delay so every time he doesn't want to do something he screams as he gets frustrated that he can't verbalise his demands!
Glad he's not the only one!

Kewrious Sat 23-Aug-14 19:56:44

Relatively cooperative. 2.6. Good natured BUT I am also a meanie mother. And stubborn as hell too. He can stay in the corner for as long as he wants unless he does what he is asked to. I don't like negotiating with irrational people. It would be hell if he was ultra stubborn but we go through most days with less than 5-10 mins of upset. I am sure karma will bite me soon.

stressbucket1 Sat 23-Aug-14 20:27:13

Yep sounds like my 2yo dd. We get her dressed in her bedroom as soon as she gets up that saves us chasing her round the living room! Also aquafresh do a teeth brushing app that she really liked for a few weeks that might be worth a try?

tobysmum77 Sun 24-Aug-14 21:49:15

welcome to our world. dd2 2.6 is a force to be reckoned with (takes after me, so peaceful our house wink )

drspouse Sun 24-Aug-14 21:55:40

I'm not sure what the official 1, 2, 3 sequence is but for us 3 is "we force DS to do whatever he was supposed to be doing". So if he isn't supposed to be banging something on the table, it is taken away, or if he's supposed to come and have his shoes put on, he is physically moved to the shoe step. You do have to be ready to do it at that exact moment of course (no good when pinned under feeding baby or holding hot coffee).

Choices also work well (shoes first or coat first) and ignoring (time for shoes, oh ok, I'll do mine and my coat and get my keys and put your bag in the car... I can't be bothered to chase you for shoes... Oh look there you are on the shoe step).

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