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6 year old dd having problems

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Somethingpink Sat 23-Aug-14 15:30:00

Hi I'm looking for help on wht to do with my dd.

She is 7 in November and we are not sure where to turn.

She cannot ride a scooter, bike with stabilisers or skip.
She is struggling with her reading and said we can have her tested for dyslexia when she is 7 if that's what we want.
They put her in a class last year with children older than her because she was more forward than a lot in her actual class, she then struggled all the way through and cried everyday because she couldn't keep up. We mentioned to the school that we wasn't happy and they said she will be fine but they knew she was struggling. In September they have mixed the children up again and she has been put into the higher ability class again but only because of her d.o.b hmm I mentioned to the school I was unhappy about this but they won't do anything about it because they have already set the classes out. I have tried getting her into a different school but everyone in our town is full for her year sad She also struggles with friendships but school once again said she will be fine.

When she is home we struggle to get her to sleep, she would stay up all night if she could. She is constantly on the move and cannot sit still. She cannot sit still long enough to watch a film.
She doesn't understand the words stop or no, she will carry on misbehaving until we pick her up and move her.
When we ask her to get something she will say ok walk a few steps and then will come back and ask what we wanted her to do.
She has such a bad memory, she tries to write lists so she can remember simple tasks. sad

Whenever we have mentioned all of this to family and friends they say she is just ditsy and clumsy and will grow out of it. Are they right? We think we should go to the doctors with her but then we are unsure?

Can anyone help please?

orangepudding Sat 23-Aug-14 15:34:22

I think you should write down your concerns and speak to your GP.

Have a look at Dyspraxia to see if that looks familiar.

Somethingpink Sat 23-Aug-14 16:03:20

Thank you...could dyspraxia go unnoticed by the school?

Coolas Sat 23-Aug-14 16:07:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Schoolsoutforsummer Sat 23-Aug-14 16:32:07

Dyspraxia and Dyslexia often co-occur. Have you had a look at:
Both are amazing sites. So, too, is Youtube - just type in the key word and it has tonnes of useful videos.

You can ask your GP for a referral to an OT. They diagnose dyspraxia. So does an ed. psych. The school can refer your daughter to one of them but I have found them very reluctant to.
Similarly, you need a specialist teacher or ed. psych to diagnose dyslexia. Have you had much to do with the school's SENCO? They should be coordinating any concerns about your dd, particularly if dyslexia and dyspraxia are possibilities.

New year, new start - what is the classroom teacher like? If he/she is in your corner, worried, then, you are already one step ahead.

Somethingpink Wed 27-Aug-14 10:59:29

Thank you for the replies.

Dd has been to the doctor today, we decided not to mention dyspraxia and just took a list of her problems. He carried out some small tests which then he said she is showing signs of dyspraxia. He is going to refer her and get in touch with the school to sort stuff out because a school nurse should have dealt with this but dds school doesn't have a school nurse.
He said it will take a few weeks to get something sorted but he's definitely going to sort it out.

Finally we are getting somewhere, someone finally believes us that something isn't right!!

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