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How to teach bottom wiping, any advice?!

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FloweryBoots Wed 20-Aug-14 13:10:26

DS was 4 a few days ago and starts school in September. Obvsiouly for school he needs to be able to make a reasonable go of wiping his own bottom. A while ago he indipendantly started having a go, which we encouraged despite the mess. However, he stopped again and now we're trying to get him to do it ready for school he's very resistant. It doesn't help tht his poos are always, and always have been, extreemly loose. He has tried again for a few days but I think he's just got frustrated that he cant get him slef clean, I still have to finish him off (and often he's in a worse mess than he started and while I would never draw attention to that hes smart enought to realise) and so is now refusing entirely. When he did try he tended to wipe to one side so got it smeared all over one bum cheak. Any suggestions on techniques/positions/ANYTHING that will help him get wiping and get reasonably clean? (On the loose poo issue we went to the docs this morning since I see it as a problem now with wiping at school and she referred us on to peadiatrician).

KatoPotato Wed 20-Aug-14 13:40:26

My DS is 4.5 and is in a similar situation. If its quite loose it will stick to both bum cheeks, and his attempts to wipe can be messy! I figured the worst happens when he 'looks' at the paper...

I'm trying wipe, drop, wipe drop, wipe drop, wipe look repeat repeat... I'll watch this thread with interest!

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