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11 Month and tantrums are getting worse

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hartmel Wed 20-Aug-14 01:50:23

With posting here means I'm at the ends of my nerves.. smile

Our DS is a very happy boy but lately he has so many outbreaks.
If he doesn't get what he wants he throws himself back and yells.

Putting him down for a nap he cries hysterical. Yesterday he even cried himself to sleep. He wasn't like that.

When I feed him and he doesn't want any more as he is full he will spit the food at me..
Starts throwing things around.
And had this annoying tantrum voice.

Now my question is. Could it be that he is sensing something is going to change soon? I'm 31 weeks pregnant with DC2 (surprise pregnancy, which we are happy for)

Or is he in a stage for now because he knows there so much to explorer and he wants to have everything? I even thought of taking him to see a chiropractor as I heard that a lot of parents went with there kids when there child acted like they unsettled and it worked wonders..

I just want my happy baby boy back.. hmm

JenniMoo Wed 20-Aug-14 07:36:58

My DS is almost 1 and has frustrated meltdowns when he doesn't / does want to to something. I'm hoping it's just a normal phase he'll grow out of. It could be linked to a developmental thing too, perhaps close to walking or talking.

deadwitchproject Wed 20-Aug-14 07:59:02

Agree it could be developmental. My DT2 behaviour is particularly bad when he has an ear problem. Maybe worth a trip to the GP to get it checked out?

Goldmandra Wed 20-Aug-14 11:49:33

He is at an age where he is just working out that his actions can have an effect on the world and some of those actions are crying, screaming, spitting and throwing himself backwards. He might not yet have worked out that there are others.

You need to teach him that there are limits to these effects by responding only to those signals when they are expressed appropriately, e.g. when he has hurt himself. Also teach him that he can get things by pointing, etc by responding very promptly and consistently so he learns to communicate in a less distressing way.

The problem is that babies and toddlers have to spend some time doing the tantruming while they are experimenting to find out what works. You can't do much to shorten it but you can inadvertently lengthen it by teaching them that it works.

I doubt very much than he is sensing impending change. He's just learning about the world around him.

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