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Saying and understanding name?

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murphy36 Tue 19-Aug-14 22:38:32

Having a debate with my partner and can't find anything about this. When does a baby understand that they are saying their name?

Our 10month old says his name, it's more sing-song and he even says it in my language and that of my partner. I don't really think he knows he is saying his own name, just some sounds he hears often. My partner thinks he knowing it refers to him.

What age do they really understand references to themselves in words, must be 2-3yrs?

BonaDea Tue 19-Aug-14 22:42:31

Think it is a lot younger than that, or can be. Babies recognise their own names very young. They can understand language and start to use it pretty early, often a few words around 12 months.

The fact that many babies don't use their own name is because they are unable to vocalise, not because they don't know what the word is, if you see what I mean.

My 16 month old knows his name, responds to it and tries to say it. He's only getting the first sound / syllable at the moment tho!!

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