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Wee accidents at nearly 4

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Littlemisstax Tue 19-Aug-14 12:04:24

DD is nearly 4 and has been out of nappies since her second birthday. Recently she's been having accidents, saying she can't get to the toilet in time, but I'm not sure she's actually trying. She can go weeks without an accident, then have two or three in a day.

Her younger brother is nearly 1, and is into everything, but we're trying hard to give her plenty of attention. We've gone back to the star chart, but once she's had one accident in a day it's like she doesn't care anymore.

Anyone else had this or have any tips to share?

Fuckalella Tue 19-Aug-14 12:20:21

I'm going through something similar at the moment. DD is 4.5 and started having accidents a few months ago. It turned out she had a urinary infection so had a course of antibiotics but she has carried on having accidents afterwards.

I'm not sure if it is because she is so engrossed in something she doesn't realise, but sometimes she will get to the point where I can see she needs to go but she will insist she doesn't and refuse.

Sometimes she will come downstairs with a change of bottoms and laugh about the fact she has wet herself which makes me suspect that it is not always accidental.

Sorry I can't offer any advice but hopefully someone can!

donkir Tue 19-Aug-14 12:39:03

I look after a 4yr old boy and his db 22 mths. The older boy has been dry in the day for over a yr but we occasionally have regression caused by younger brother getting more attention due to illness ect.
Parents and I deal with this by ignoring the fact he's wet obviously we change his clothes well he does and he cleans any mess he's made and put clothes in the wash but we don't scold him just tell him to change.
We also go back to making him go to the toilet every hour even if he is adamant he doesn't need to go.
Marbles works better than stickers. Get an empty jam jar and some marbles every time she goes for a wee put marble in jar and each time she's wet or soiled take a marble out. Then decide how many marbles she needs to get a treat. If she gets x amount then she can choose a treat. We use a bag full of party bag toys as they're cheap.

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